Anti-Obama Movie "2016 Obama's America" # 1 at Box Office!

Saw this movie today and while it is not perfect, Dinesh D'Souza does a masterful job of exposing Obama for what he is, a radical American hating traitor. The current POTUS hates the United States and all that makes America exceptional and different from any other country in the world. 


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SoulStraw3 said...

What is striking to me is that so many of the claims are not merely false; they are absurd: Obama is a communist, a Marxist, a Muslim, a traitor, the anti-Christ; he hates America; he’s going to hand over sovereignty to the United Nations; the administration staged the Aurora shooting in order to impose gun control.
And its not just the nutty fringe babbling nonsense; pundits, party officials and those elected to high office have joined in.

They rail against the Left, but there is no Left. Would a socialist President put the likes of Bernanke and Geithner in charge of the economy? Would a Marxist trust the advice of a Goldman Sachs man like Larry Summers? Barack Obama rescued Capital in its crisis; now it is stabbing him in the back. Marx -- and Lenin -- would have told him so.

And you don't understand what a Muslim is, nor a Communist, a Dictator, a Marxist or a Socialist !
So study a lot and learn what all these terms actually mean.

Make no mistake, this is a hate-fueled piece of propaganda garbage and I get to say so because I’m a blogger. D
Souza is a lying racist fraud!

PatriotUSA said...

So brave a, a blank blogger profile. Typical of cowards or those who just STUPID.

Here are some facts and I will make it EASY FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND, OK?

READY? here is the hard part where you have to READ and comprehend, you know, understand.

I have studied islam, sharia law, since 1979 when obama's dumb ass white brother, Jimmy Carter caved into islam and started the modern day war with islam. I have read the qur'an, three different translations,(a disgusting, vile and perverted writing of an idiot and pedophile named mohammad)
so I do know quite a lot about islam, and it's bastard step child sharia law) What can you tell me about islam, please share your wisdom with us?

islam is incompatible with our Constitution and Western civilization. Why? islam has stated in the qur'an, ahadith, it MUST BE the only religion (which it is NOT, it is a political iedology) of the land and sharia law MUST be the only law of the land. Not to mention how islam subjugates,persecutes girls, women, other TRUE religions and any and all minorities unless they agree to convert to islam or risk being killed.

I have read and researched islam, sharia law for many years yet I do not proclaim to be an expert on islam, unlike you who is telling me I do not know islam. So again, share your knowledge with us here on islam.

BTW, see the on the right hand side bar where it says "RELIGION OF PEACE"? Click on that link and you can find out how 'peaceful' islam is on a daily basis. Go ahead, I DARE YOU.

Obama is a Marxist and if you knew anything about him except from what you hear on PMSNBC, PBS, NPR, ABC, CBS, or what ever sources you use, you would realize obama is a far left radical marxist. I started following Obama when I read about his wretched pro-choice, baby killing at all costs position when he was a jerk wad senator back in 2003-2004, and read up on hm and followed his career, which he did not build.

When one has 'father figures' like Bill Ayers, Frank Davis Marshall, worships people like Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, the influences are now being played out by obama and his ilk.

I know all too well what asocialist, communist, dictator are and Obama has all those traits. If you knew anything at all you would see why Obama would put Bernanke, Geitner in charge of our economy but to losers like you, it is still all Bush's fault.

Ever heard of UN Agenda 21? Look that up and see how Obama is doing all he can usher in Agenda 21 and his one in a long line of POTUS who have fallen itno another useless trap by the UN>

Obama is totally against the 2nd amendment or he would not have been in favor of the UN ill advised and evil international gun control treaty. Sorry, get your gun statistics from some other site other Brady or Bloomberg and realize that guns do not kill people. Where gun ownership is higher, violent crimes go down, period.

I get my news from over 150 different sources from far left to far right and sorry to let you down, I am not a racist, bigot or hate filled person. That is left to the liberals of our world who have helped kill more babies, black babies through their support of PP and abortion.

You want to come here and post a reasonable argument or opinion, fine, we encourage that here. Sadly, all we get is hateful, accusatory liberal, ass wipes like you.

So, seeing as I have wasted way more time on you than your are worth and this is MY site,
F--K off and go play with your retarded, dumb ass, friends who are still hoping for dope and change.

Dinesh D'sSouiza a racist, nope, not even close. Obama and people with small minds and who know little else, are the real racists.

Now get the hell out of here unless you can play nicely and not come in and just toss false accusations around. You are very ignorant and your comment show just that.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Way to go Patriot! A typical obama-bot who thinks just because HE says something it is fact. This is the beginning of the end for such garbage! It may take a few years but we have reached the nadir of civilisation where total imbeciles are as revered as - MORE THAN, rather - than true scholars and learned people!
God bless you Patriot, God bless the USA and down with scum traitor brain-deads whose mothers should have aborted them!

Nick said...

I've been waiting to see this movie for a while.

Who is Obama?

Nick said...

I'm not sure if Americans know just how powerful the anti-colonialist idea is in the West. It's certainly included in higher education courses, so that students leave university with a politically correct worldview ( I know ).

The thing is that people in third world countries still want to blame whitey for their current predicament (not their own corrupt leaders of course, oh no) which is itself racist, and that our politicians accept this and play the blame game - according to David Cameron he feels a moral obligation to give "foreign aid" to the former dominions, even while people living here in Britain who've paid taxes all their lives don't have a pot to piss in. Austerity measures? White guilt obviously overrides that policy, and the "foreign aid" must continue - it's an absurd way to look at the world!

Nick said...

I took a course on the history of the English language, and a lot of the course was about Kenya, how nasty and oppressive Whitey had been by teaching Africans to speak English. I mean it obviously is the most refined and cruel form of torture, teaching people to speak English - all those TEFL schools ought to be shut down immediately!

The interesting thing was not the linguistic aspects of the course, but the underlying political philosophy, which you could not argue against, not if you wanted to pass the course ( I did, a grade 1, with distinction, btw) And that was one course, in one university - how many Westerners are leaving uni having had their "education" with a new worldview that is filled with a self- hating, guilt- ridden poison that will never leave their system?

And the long term effects of that will be ...?

PatriotUSA said...

Juniper and Nick,

Stalwart friends indeed!

Ben awhile since a troll dropped in of course, SS has not responded to having his lunch handed to him, her, it.

This all figures into what i have referred as the reverse plantation syndrome and it is rampant all over the world. Liberal whites blame other whites or themselves and try to soothe their terminal guilt by being oh so politically correct.
We see how ell that works, eh?

Hopefully the end of this is coming on November 6th.

Nick, if Obama get another term i may need for you to find us a flat where you are!

The Born Again American said...

It appears to me that pehaps SoulStraw3 needs a nap... He's been in his mother's basement too long and maybe mommy should take him to see "2016" in as much as it's rated PG...

PatriotUSA said...

I am thinking I would NOT want to change SS3 diaper after his nappy is over.

Nice touch, nice comment as all of these are and see, he does not want to come back to the playground and play nice.

Nick said...

Interesting too that Mr. D'Souza is denounced as a racist. How absurd!

But this shows that the word has been stripped of its meaning by the people who use it. It now means nothing more than "you disagree with me". That is all.

Interesting too how people like SS 3 try to defend Obama - saying oh he's not this, and he's not that, but they find it tremendously difficult to say who or what he actually IS.

Kind of telling, that ...

The fact is that if you have an individual who has resentment of the West written into his code, and believe me that is taught in universities throughout the West, let alone Kenya ... and you put that individual in a position of great power ... then that will have a bad outcome.

Can the likes of SS 3 stand there with a straight face and say that the Middle East is a safer place today than it was in say, the Bush era? Can the likes of SS 3 stand there and say that Obama's meddling in the Islamic world (and yes there is such a thing, despite what the multicultists say) has achieved a damn thing for any of the people he is supposed to represent?

Of course not. The world is in worse shape now, far worse, than the day before Obama took office. And his beliefs are responsible for a lot of it.

You don't believe me, take a trip to Tel Aviv and wait for a while ...

Nick said...
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Nick said...

I see also that SS 3 adopts a strategy so often used by the left, namely ad hominem abuse. In the mind of SS 3, anyone who disagrees with their worldview must be less intelligent, less educated - intellectually inept.

However this is not the case at all. Well educated, quite intelligent people can, and do, disagree with Obama-worshippers all the time.

With regards to D'Souza's actual theory, I came upon this anti-Western political philosophy while taking a degree in the United Kingdom. As part of that degree, I took a course on the history of the English language.

Imagine my surprise when throughout the course it was not only assumed, but taught quite openly that the people of places such as Kenya (which was mentioned explicitly many times) had been hard done to by the Brits.

It is obviously a hardship to be taught to speak English, after all. Clearly, Obama's globetrotting ways would have been just as successful if he had only spoken Gikuyu, Gussi, or Luhya.

This anti-colonialist worldview permeated the course, which was only one course, in one British university.

Like D'Souza, alarm bells rang for me when I read that Obama had returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the United Kingdom.

It is no surprise to me that someone (it happens to be D'Souza) has put forward a theory which relies on the premises that Obama's parents were Marxists and anti-colonialists, to explain Obama's attitude towards the West today.

As D'Souza explains, he himself grew up in that world, in India in the 60s. I don't suppose there are many Indian academics in their 50s knocking around the upper levels of American television, so there may not have been anyone with the background necessary to put together this theory.

Happily, we have Dinesh D'Souza, who realised that the dreams Obama got from his father were rooted in the same political ideas he had heard when he was growing up in India.

There are plenty well educated, intelligent people who distrust Obama. People who know that baseless ad hominem abuse, and attacking straw men, say nothing about D'Souza's actual theory.

Does D'Souza's theory have explanatory power? Is it supported by facts? Do his premises support his conclusion?

These are the questions to ask while watching the movie.