The Lord's creation: From the high desert in Central Oregon

Today was just a day for doing nothing. I took the camera out to see what I could find to share here.

I got extremely fortunate as tomorrow is Mrs. Patriot's birthday and I have been trying to snag a butterfly I could take pictures of,  get made in a 9x12 and have it professionally mounted. Just the picture, not the butterfly! 

Thought I would share what I was able to capture on the Lumix. I am answering long overdue emails tonight, so see you all tomorrow.

Enjoy the beauty of the Lord's creation!

Swallowtail butterfly on Lavender

Here is a another shot.
Jethro Tull Coreopsis
Very Rare Spanish Foxglove. Does very well for us here in the high desert.

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Findalis said...

What creations, what beauty the L-rd has given us.

Thanks for sharing.

Dymphna said...

I never think of Oregon as the high desert. Am so geography-challenged it isn't funny.

I got interested late - via a book, "Energy Security 2.0" It's available as a pdf now and I recommend it. Download & dip into it if you're in enough pain to want to stay still but not so bad you can't read...

It made me start flipping thru world geography atlases but for some of the things I want to see I'll need to get one of those page magnifiers.

Jethro Tull has a coreopsis named afer him??! How apt.

Our lavendar finished early- we're having a bit of a droughty summer after a strange Spring with stuff blooming in March that we usually see in late April...

I have some window fan questions for you and some weed eradication education too.