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Done with applications for new jobs for now and what a nasty bit of business, looking for another job. I am NOT complaining at all as I have been fortunate enough to have been able to scrounge up work since I returned to work on a part time basis in 2006, after six years off from a devastating spinal injury, which I will dealing with until the Lord calls me home.

Could be much, much worse and I know way too many people who have it much worse than we do.
Still, it is not easy but I count my blessing each and every day.

Enough about nasty applications and who knows, maybe the good Lord will open another door for me in regard to better employment.


The next post is about the many, many problems we have here in the United States. We know what they are and what we must do, come November to try and stop the bleeding. I do not have any easy answers but an excellent one was offered up in the comments to Fred's post. I will share this below the post at the end.

Great commentary by TexasFred and shared with his permission. PatriotUSA



A return to government as the Founders intended: the Citizen Legislator  
By TexasFred

We have problems here in America; I think we all know that.

It’s no secret that our economy is in the tank. It’s no secret that our jobs are outsourced to other nations. It’s no secret that American quality is only a distant memory for most products manufactured here today.

Unions demand more money and more benefits for their members and demand that those workers be allowed to put in fewer hours while still being paid a premium wage.

Our schools are infested with Communist and Socialist educators; individuals that fill our children’s heads with anti-American nonsense and *feel good* politics. You can’t say a Christian prayer, but Muslim practices are allowed and encouraged.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old line about how sports in schools have been taken over by political correctness? There are NO winners and there are NO losers, ALL of the children are equally praised for having participated

Everyone gets a trophy, even if they sat on the bench and did exactly nothing! When those kids grow up, real life is going to slap them down after following that mantra!

All of the above mentioned items are merely an introduction to full blown communism and socialism; the grand plan the left, and other anti-American forces have for this nation.

The world has turned upside down; in many places a home owner has NO right to defend his home against invaders. In many cases the homeowner can be, and often IS penalized, arrested, prosecuted and jailed for taking action against those that would come into his home to rob or kill him.

Our Police Officers are accosted for doing the job they are hired to do. Our Officers have a split second to make a life or death decision and a civilian review board, most likely manned by bleeding heart, police hating liberals, can make that Officer miserable for the rest of his life.

Criminals are released back into the public, with the apologies of a city or mayor, many times with a moderate to large monetary compensation to keep said criminal from suing a city into bankruptcy.
In so many cases, the criminals have more rights than the Officers or honest citizens.

The borders of this nation are more porous than a sieve. We are over-run with ILLEGAL, undocumented aliens, from all nations, and yet our borders are WIDE OPEN!

We have an Attorney General that has been held in contempt of Congress and that is a FIRST in the history of our nation.

The United States Department of Justice has already made it clear that they have NO intentions of prosecuting the Attorney General. My guess is that Congress will let Holder off the hook. I hope I am wrong, but would it surprise anyone if they did?

That same Attorney General is roundly believed to be guilty of signing off on a gun running scheme that has, so far, resulted in the MURDERS of at least 2 U.S. Agents and countless civilians, military and police officers in Mexico.

Attorney General Eric Holder is laughing in the face of Congress, he knows he has the power of Executive Privilege, or, if push came to shove, a Presidential pardon if need be
Holder has been found *in contempt* of Congress; well, I have contempt FOR Congress, and I am damned tired of remaining civil IN that contempt.

Our Congress has the lowest approval rating in the history of Congress. The United States Congress has a lower approval rating than Barack Hussein Obama himself, and quite frankly, if I were a U.S. Congressman, I would hang my head in shame as I redoubled MY personal efforts to rebuild this nation and set America back on an even keel!

I have met several Congressmen in the last few years; in ALL cases, I was somewhat less than impressed.

It seems, at least to me, and a few other political activists here in Rowlett and in a few other places, that there is no way for the *average man or woman* to even stand a chance at being elected to Congress.

To just run for a Congressional seat is NOT easy, it’s not cheap and is not a task that is easily accomplished.

Money, as they say, makes the world go around, and it takes a great deal of money to make that run for Congress, and I am only guessing, but I would suppose it takes even MORE money to run for the U.S. Senate.

We have a group of rich men and women in those Hallowed Halls; they had to be fairly well off just to get there, and in most all instances, they leave those Hallowed Halls with a lot more money and property than they came with.

I am not knocking anyone for making a good living, that is what our system is all about, it’s called Capitalism and it is supposed to make money, but why should only the wealthy and well-connected be the ones with their hands on the reins of power?

Why should someone that doesn’t have a list of degrees behind their name and a fat bank account be denied a seat at the table of U.S. government?

When do we return to the Framers intent and set term limits on the Congress and Senate? When do we do away with the lifetime benefits a Congressman or Senator receive for only serving ONE TERM? When does government service become true SERVICE and not a lucrative career?

When do we demand that real American PATRIOTS be given a seat at the table, for a limited time, and then returned to life with the rest of us, to get a job and to go on with normal living and not set up on a pedestal to be admired as some kind of HERO when all they truly did was their DUTY to this nation and its citizens?

When do we stop CAREER politicians from running this nation into the ground year after year after year?

I know it was a simpler time, but think about this; Davy Crockett was NOT a wealthy man, he was not a scholar, but he was a PATRIOT and he did his duty to this nation and he stepped down and went on to other matters!

Today Congress seems to have the idea that THEY run things, that WE are supposed to do as they tell us; that is NOT the way it’s supposed to work.

Congress, and the Senate, as well as the President and every other person in the federal government, works for YOU and ME, US, as in We, the People, and by God it’s about time that they receive that message loud and strong!

I don’t know how we can accomplish this idea of *the everyday man* becoming a Representative, I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I throw it out there and I hope to hear many of YOUR ideas regarding this becoming a reality!

If you are in a position that keeps you from posting on blogs and such, use an alias, I am the only one that sees the names on this blog, and as a certain recently deposed Hizzoner found out, I do NOT give up my sources!

Deo vindice; God will vindicate.

This nation was founded by men that weren’t rich, some had little formal education, but they drew up the most wonderful documents in our nation’s history when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, maybe it’s time to give men and women like that another chance at setting this nation straight.

Original source is here.

Now here is the comment posted by Longstreet

Fred: It will take a Constitutional Convention — called by the states — in order to get the constitution amended to include term limits on Senators and Representatives. The Supreme Court has already ruled term limits unconstitutional under the constitution as it stands today.

Here’s a bit of info:

“Article V of the Constitution gives the states the power to call for a Constitutional Convention. To do so, two-thirds of the states—34 out of 50 state legislatures—must pass an application calling for a Convention. If enough states pass this simple resolution, then Congress must call a Convention so that states can propose amendments to the Constitution.

The application states must pass does not need to provide a reason for the Convention—states can call a Convention for any reason. However, there is no guarantee the Convention will address the complaints of the states, as delegates at the Convention may introduce and pass whatever Amendments they see fit. (States may try to remedy this by electing their delegates to the Convention.)”

LINK: http://callaconvention.org/resolution.php

As you might guess such a convention is fraught with all kinds of dangers and opportunities for “mischief.”

There is simply no easy way to get this done. But it is nearing a point in America at which such a convention may well be considered worth the risk.
I hope this provides some answers.



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