A ragged band of patriots

As the atrocities of obama, the first muslim, illegal alien potus, continue to mount, the crushing weight burdening legal U.S. citizens, continues to become more oppressive by the day, are you wondering where are those conservatives who are supposed to fighting for us and what many of recognize as true AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM?

Atrocity is a word that is usually used to define a horrendous crime, mass murdering of people, the outright annihilation of civilians such as we are witnessing in syria. 

I am firmly convinced that this administration has and will continue to commit one atrocity after another upon the good citizens of our once great and powerful country. The last two crimes against us, the upholding of denialcare (obamacare) by the SCOTUS, and our illegal alien potus giving back door amnesty to well over one million ILLEGAL ALIENS up to age 31 are particularly alarming. Toss onto this fire the contempt that this administration has for our Constitution, the refusal to turn over documents that will show that obama and his ilk are guilty of the murder of Brian Terry and responsible for the entire Fast and Furious gun running scheme. eric (race baiter) holder has been found in contempt of congress and this traitorous bunch of freedom hating statists just claims executive privilege and then goes to the gof course on on holiday to europistan, on the 4th of July no less.

Who, when and where will the task fall to when all else has failed, to restore our republic, our Constitution and start the long road back to American Exceptionalism?

A ragged band of patriots, that is who. We are the III Percent Patriots. You can push us into a corner, chip away at our God given rights and it will fall to us one more time.

"The Liberty Movement is being driven into a corner by both sides of the political structure: by the Democrats through open hostility toward the Constitution and by the Republicans for allowing it to go on unchallenged."

The Tea Party? Show me the backbone to stand up for Americans who are tired, beaten down and feeling betrayed by both sides, left and right. I love some of what the Tea Party stands for but I am not seeing anything, hearing or reading anything. Silence is speaking over all else.


T.L. Davis has much insight and wisdom and please check out his Constitutionally correct site.

Locked and loaded is how I will close this one out.

Thanks to T.L. Davis.



By T.L. Davis
This is the constitutional crisis the Tea Party has been waiting for. If ever there were justification for action instead of debate, the Tea Party has been handed their opportunity. If ever there were a reason to surround the Supreme Court in protest, this is it.


Yes, they are working to solve the constitutional crisis politically, but it can't be done politically. One might repeal Obamacare all they want, it does not change the ruling that throws open the doors to government control over one's life, over their health and over their death. The ruling cannot be repealed, it must be repudiated, Chief Justice Roberts must be impeached for abuse of power and/or treason and a new court must hear the arguments all over again. (Yes, I know Obama would insert a liberal justice, does it really matter?)

Logically, none of this can be done politically; not by electing certain members of congress, or by putting in power Republicans who have allowed all of the abuses of the Obama Administration without a single cry of protest.

There is no more important issue to a republic than the legitimacy of the vote, yet the Republicans have been largely silent on issues of voter fraud, except in their individual races. Eric Holder has not been made to pay for his statements that voter fraud cannot come close to the abuses suffered by "his people" so he will not prosecute clear and obvious examples thereof. That is reckless disregard for the very laws that substantiate and validate government at the beginning, it destroys the concept of legitimate elections, the one thing every politician needs in order to claim authority.

The Republicans have allowed Barack Obama to make illegal appointments, has tolerated his illegal Executive Order which would enable millions of illegals to become legal. That is a direct usurpation of Congress' power: Article 1, Section 8, fourth clause of Congress' power to "establish uniform rules of naturalization".

Republicans have allowed Barack Obama to purchase, not loan, private industry. Without a whimper, without a clamor, they have, as a body operating as a majority in the House of Representatives done nothing to hold this president accountable for his misdeeds and usurpations of Congresional power.

Electing them is going to make a difference? No, it will not. It will not turn back the hands on the clock, it will not give them backbone, it will not deter them from doing future damage to the Constitution themselves. Roberts was a product of Washington Republicans.

The Tea Party has formed itself into a political power of its own and has just as quickly proved itself to be as ineffectual and incompetent in that role as any other political power in the United States.

The Tea Party has always lacked an "if not..." counterbalance to its protestations, warnings and ultimatums. It has the power to force change, but it will not use it. It has become nothing more than a minor-league Republican support group.

Every avenue for the Constitutionalist and Patriot to demand and receive legitimate government has been denied. If not now, when? If not this, what? The crash and thunder that should have accompanied the Roberts ruling has not been heard. Those who still, despite all evidence to the contrary, think this government can somehow be righted are fools or cowards.

Right now, the Republicans in congress should be challenging everything the Obama Administration does, it should be holding investigations into abuse of power charges against every department under the direction of the administration: EPA, USDA, DHS, etc. To fail to do so is a capitulation of principles no future election or actions of the Republicans can reverse.

War has been declared upon the Constitution by those who directly benefit from its protections. Who else could do it? These are domestic enemies, there is no other definition that suffices. Is there any doubt? One might delcare that my statements are out of bounds, or too radical, but would they deny them outright? Is there one thing this government (including Republicans) have done, or not done that would support a defense for the charges I have made?

The Republicans are guilty of failing to support the Constitution by failing to invoke the power of congress to do what it clearly has the authority to do. It has the authority to not only hold Eric Holder in contempt, but to arrest and detain him to keep him from acting against the Constitution, but they will not do it, because they are afraid, they are cowards. By refusing to use the power of the Constitution they are destroying it as much as any Supreme Court ruling.

In absence of a champion, who would the Constitution look to for help? Those in power, capable and able to do it, will not. The Tea Party who has enough political capital to demand that those in power move to defend the Constitution, has not. Is it left to a ragged band of patriots? Why?

Why is it our job to move mountains and destroy ourselves in the simple pursuit of legitimate government when all of the power and all of the funds belong to those who will not do it and will not support us in our endeavors? These powerful and influential members of the conservative lobby protect themselves from bad press, but will willingly accept the fruits of our sacrifice, once dead and buried.

The Liberty Movement is being driven into a corner by both sides of the political structure: by the Democrats through open hostility toward the Constitution and by the Republicans for allowing it to go on unchallenged.

Why is it our burden? Perhaps we should rethink our objectives and our methods. 

Original source is here.

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Findalis said...

I fear that Obama will be reelected in November. In fact it is preordained by the media.

Now what? How many will actually take up arms and how many say they will and then do nothing.

Many are all talk and no action.

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, that is true but there are many who refuse to tip their hand and are by the actions of this administration, flying under the radar.

If the mussie in the White House is re-elected things will boil over, maybe not right away, or in my lifetime but they will. Of this I am 100% sure.