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Questions For White Americans
By Mychal Massie

The race mongers are lining up to make the presidential election about color of skin rather than about the failed Euro-socialist policies of Obama and the refusal of Eric Holder to comply with a Congressional subpoena. With that said, following are a few questions for whites that I posed in a syndicated column November 11, 2005. They are as germane to public discourse today as they were then. My question today is: if you are white and answer no to these questions why would you vote for someone who along with his supporters accuse you of same? My question to blacks is: if you answered yes to any of the questions, who is it that harbors racial ill will?

[Following are] a few questions for white Americans. How many of you spend your private moments plotting what you can do to keep black Americans down? How many of you, when gathered with friends, spend time plotting against blacks?

How many of you who are business owners and happen to be white spend your time scheming ways to not hire blacks? How many of you purposefully have moved where there are no blacks, or would sell your home if a black family moved in? How many of you are nice to the only black family in your town, because they are the only black family in your town? If several black families moved in, would you move out?

How many of you secretly, behind their backs call blacks racist or hateful names? How many of you view yourselves as superior exclusively to blacks? Which of you hate having to speak or interact with blacks? How many of you resent having to work, ride the subways, eat with or be in the same area with blacks?

In my experience, I would argue confidently that the overwhelming majority – 95 percent or more – would not be able to answer in the affirmative to any of the questions proffered. But I’m not done yet.
How many of you who are white conservative politicians caucus together plotting what can legitimately be done to put a foot on the throat of blacks? How many of you blocked the polling places to suppress the black vote? Which of you have intentionally gone out of your way to cause hardships for blacks?

How many of you who are white Americans, own slaves or practice Jim Crow? How many of you have parents who own slaves or practice Jim Crow? How many of you have ancestors who did the same? How many of you have ancestry that immigrated here after slavery was abolished?

My not so subtle point is that white Americans have not been plotting to keep blacks down, and none today participated in slavery in any way. Allowing for same, the question that begs an answer is why then should white Americans feel guilty for something they share no part in? Better put: Why are so many white Americans saddled with guilt or allowing themselves to be saddled with guilt?

I’m not going to win any popularity contests with the race mongers who trade on race. And truth be known, I couldn’t care less, because I have nothing in common with Belial.

Far too many today have bought into the politically correct racist agitprop that whites are responsible for the so-called plight of the black man. Far too many whites have bought the demagogic lie that blacks are owed special dispensation because of that which all groups have suffered at some point in history, i.e., slavery, mistreatment and disrespect.

In the day in which we live, it is not about race – it is about choices, marketable skills, education and initiative. Why would one choose to feel guilty because another exercises bad judgment pursuant to their life choices? I should also add that choosing to help someone because they need it or because you want to, is not synonymous with guilt.

It is white guilt that has allowed the racialized fungus to grow in the Petri dish of the “Great Society” initiatives. Race mongers have seized upon said guilt like a blood-sucking parasite to its host. Many blacks today are angry and bitter for mythological reasons. They reference or point to situations as evidence, in effect making a fact fit their effete theories.

I’m not suggesting intolerance, prejudice, bigotry and racism on some level doesn’t exist. I am saying that anecdotal evidences of same are not reason for whites to suffer permanent genuflection, nor is it sufficient to support the bitterness and rage that consumes so many blacks today.

White guilt is not vicinal – it has led not only to the entitlement generation that gave us the welfare era, but it has hobbled countless numbers for generations, since they perceive their only chance for loosely defined success is through affirmative-action programs based solely on color of skin and ethnicity.

The tragic consequence of white guilt is not only that it blames the collective of those who are factually blameless, it creates a greater bigotry. White America is not responsible for the well-being of blacksblacks are responsible for their own well-being within the fabric of civilized Americanism.

Whites must shed their vestiges of guilt and blacks must get beyond anger, resentment and blame – even if it takes the mantle away from the apologists, and the bread out of the mouths of those who trade on immiseration

Mychal Massie's Biography can be found here.

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Findalis said...

Here are a few questions for the Black community:

1. Why do you hate Jews? And what did any Jew do to you for you to hate them?

2. Why do you believe that the nation owes you a living due to the fact that your ancestor was a slave? My ancestors were slaves at some time in history, yet nobody owes me a living.

3. Why can't you learn? Why is it that an education and literacy is beyond your comprehension?

Just 3 questions.