Let's Re-Calibrate Their Priorities!

"But Oregon is surely a reasonable representation of the eventual result of unbridled, unjustified and unprecedented progressive ruling and legislation.  Those gate-keepers--the education and media elite--have succeeded in grooming a generation that sincerely believe humans are the avowed enemy of the planet.  In their upside-down world-view, whales and seals are more important than babies and old-growth timber is infinitely more precious than old loggers." (tamj)


Oregon, I mean POORegon is an incredibly beautiful state. The diversity (ack, gag, spit, I do not like that word!), variety one can find from the Pacific Coast line to the far Eastern High Desert rivals few others states. Oregon has the best coastline by far, of all other states and that might rankle a few folks from other states but as I like to say, get over it already. 

When I first moved here in the late 1970's, I lived in Eugene, Berserkley of the north. The city where old hippies and environazis, go to die in the Swillamette valley. I did not know any better but it did not take long for me to realize there was a price to pay for not being a stinking, drug addled, burned out longhair who did not know what a bar a soap was or what it meant to have and keep a job. I ended up working in a mill and then made my back to fighting fires and logging, both of which I wish I was still doing. I left in 1982 when the economy made it near impossible to find ANY work. The environazis had started in with the Spotted Owl and extreme environmentalism that witnessed me watching a fellow logger get killed when his chain on his chainsaw hit a spike buried into an OLD GROWTH tree. That one day, that one loss changed me forever. I left and returned in 1987. A tough state to survive in had become even worse.

Unemployment in some Central Oregon counties, Crook (13.5%) and Jefferson (12.2%) is still way over the national average.

I will not bore you with the all the details and events form 1987 to today, 2012.

Suffice it to say the liberal progressive, environazi agenda has RUINED my state, the one I have called home for about 35 years. This state's economy was once fueled and driven by the timber, fishing, farming and ranching industries. Not anymore. As mentioned below, over 40% of all forests in this state are off limits to logging by the federal government, thanks to legion of loons that would rather kill a baby, save a damn worthless seal or sea lion, watch the forests burn from a preserved hilltop in their queer ass Subaru's. 

Seals and Sea Lions? Nothing but a Salmon, Steelhead eating machine that needs to brought under control by ANY MEANS necessary. A sea going vermin as far as I am concerned. 

Not only do our forests here burn, once torched and blackened the environazis will sue and litigate any timber company to death that might want to provide some excellent jobs by doing a salvage sale. No, no no, cannot have that either. The timber must return to mother earth. These brainwashed, progressive save everything, but not in my back yard would eat their own young. Hmm..that actually sounds pretty good except they think having any kids is so bad. Again, do we want these dumb ass liberal morons who are wrecking this country from the left coast to the right coast, to pro-create? Eww, I need an Uncle Ezra to wash that thought away.

Enough of my rant and what you will read below is a great snapshot of what Oregon, POORegon represents and is a window into the soul of our Republic.

This spot on opinion is courtesy of a new blogger, tamij. Her site, (now added to the blogroll) is called Chasing the blues away! I asked for and received permission to re-post this article here. Thank you, tamij for your permission. The site is new, but give her some time and I am sure she will not disappoint those of us who love our country, working the land, being able to have a job, a career in whatever we truly want to do, EARN our OWN way, our freedom, our liberties and loathe those who crawl about the Salem and similar dumps (like Detroit!) who are ruining our country.

Hat tip: LadyRaven, and glad you are back!

Let's Re-Calibrate Their Priorities! 
By tamij

Sitting here, looking at the pines through my window on this picture-perfect, sunny Oregon day, I wonder what I can possibly write that will make a difference?  I was born in this beautiful state, and outwardly it looks much the same now as it did all those years ago: breath-taking coastline vistas, rugged mountain ranges, valleys plentiful with fields of grass seed and produce, and high desert country to satisfy the most ardent outdoorsman.

And yet, beneath nature's facade is a state rife with systemic economic failure.  The mean state unemployment rate (8.4%) is above the national average (8.2%).  However, some areas, such as my home town of Bend (Deschutes county) are currently at a dismal 10.3% unemployment despite boasting some of the nation's finest fishing, skiing, boating, hunting, golf and other recreational activities.

How is it that a state so plentiful in natural resources carries such an overwhelming debt burden?  Consider that 11 million acres of Oregon timberland (40% of all forests) is now sequestered and sheltered from harvest by the feds!  So the elites in DC, many of whom have never visited our fair state, nor met a logger, are presumptively declaring much of Oregon a national park of sorts. Thus, our renewable resources are now an aging, over-managed tinder-box listed as a trophy for some ecologically-minded, endangered species-touting, beltway do-gooder.

Further, Oregon's state business taxes and regulatory fees have made this the 42nd best state for business.  That's 42nd out of 50! (no Obama, not 57) A state of 98,380 square miles (9th largest state), and population of only 3.87 million is lagging behind 41 other states!  We have rich soil, a wonderful growing season, pure water and air, ports, rivers, forests and hard-working Oregonians, and yet are tethered to restrictive policies and regulations.  At this point in Oregon's great history the only creatures flourishing may be the poor Northern Spotted Owl and Mountain Pine Beetle!

For some 35-40 years my state has been the special project of non-sensical, eco-fanatics who have put everything but people first!  Whole logging towns have become skeletons of the thriving communities they once were.  Driving over the scenic North Santiam Pass from Bend to Salem, once vibrant townships have given way to boarded up businesses, and awe-inspiring forests resemble spotty, post-chemo hair growth following fires of beetle-ravaged pines.

I realize this is just one state--my state.  But Oregon is surely a reasonable representation of the eventual result of unbridled, unjustified and unprecedented progressive ruling and legislation.  Those gate-keepers--the education and media elite--have succeeded in grooming a generation that sincerely believe humans are the avowed enemy of the planet.  In their upside-down world-view, whales and seals are more important than babies and old-growth timber is infinitely more precious than old loggers.

We are now reaping what these entrenched environmentalists have sown:  a severe economic recession as well as mis-handled and over-managed natural resources! I would bet cash money that the average logger has a far greater knowledge and respect for the outdoors and our forests than the typical beltway,  save-the-planet, bureaucrat or activist.  The farmers I know here love the land and understand being a good neighbor and a good caretaker of said land, as well as making a profit from their crops.

For too many years we, and by we I mean hard working, America-loving people, have been unengaged and allowed the left to take-over our schools, our government and our institutions.  The progressives have improved nothing except their eco and ideologue scorecards. Well it's time.  It's time for all of us supposed "fly-over" citizens to wake up and make our voices heard.  It's time we engaged and fought for what we know to be right and good and true. It's time to educate those beltway legislators and re-calibrate their priorities:  people come first!

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tamij said...

So glad you shared this! Hope my writing can live up to your standards: I do love this state and this exceptional country and hope in some small way to help reclaim her!

tamij said...

PS - I am so very sorry about the loss of your friend caused by the spike in the old growth tree. I have heard of such environmental/eco-terrorism, but never first hand. Pretty depraved people to so callously endanger men because of a tree. That breaks my heart!

PatriotUSA said...

My standards??? Heh Heh.

Seriously, if you look at my posts, I am notorious for a few typos and grammatical errors. I use the spell checker and do the best I can. Sometimes it is my dedicated followers who alert me to my mistakes, which I appreciate. I have been at this for over four years and 4,000 posts later, I still screw up.
YOUR writing will be and is fine!

I am up very late almost every night due to severe chronic pain from way too many surgeries, fusions etc.

LadyRaven knows my issues and struggles. What a dear person!

So, are you in Bend or Wilsonville? I am in Redmond and really dislike Bend anymore. I want it to be 1985 again, sniff!
Wants to be too much like Portland for my tastes and I really hate dorkland, ugh!

Honored to share your post and it is exceptional, tamj. LR knows I do not give compliments lightly or without merit.

As an old head timber guy, fire fighter I agree with you 100%. It is up to those like us, to try and take our country back. as you said, I will NOT go down without a fight. For me, that means if my blood must be spilled, then so be it. My family knows and understands this.

They DO NOT like it but grudgingly accept this as part and parcel of who I am. Call me a IIIpercenter and I see that as a very high compliment.

Thanks again for your permission!

tamij said...

I was raised in Bend (Dad was a research soils scientist) and now live in Wilsonville. I rarely venture into downtown Portland. All the progressives and their ridiculous Priuses with "Keep Portland Weird" bumper stickers are everywhere--they occupy Portland full-time! I did see a bumper sticker I really liked the other day--"Weird Isn't Working"! Ha!
Yes...Bend has changed tremendously, and I wouldn't say for the better. Sometime I'll email the families history and why I began with this article.

PatriotUSA said...

Our daughter goes to PSU and I loathe it and her liberal views on everything. She loves it there and I hate Prius's so much. The self righteousness that comes with the car and the oh so hip(loser) lifestyle. There are many reason I drive a big car, 1995 Buick Riviera, which gets well over 30 MPG on the road and seems to insult those of the liberal stripe. Aww, too bad and it has a few '"RIGHT' stickers on the rear bumper that upset a lot of leftards.

I am just an evil, getting farther right ole' Constitutional conservative and really, just leave me alone but they never do so I fight back and they just yell and lose it.

I have some really snarky posts here and one was on Portland where I almost ripped into two multi-pierced losers outside of Powell's bookstore. Wife and daughter pulled me away, caused quite a stir. Oh so close....

Every time we, I go to dorkland I almost end up getting in fight or wanting to kill some weirdo or moron who makes the mistake of wanting to 'talk' to me. Bad move on their part and I have had to pulled away from some Portland losers lest I kill them and end up in Sam Adam's jail.

I do love Voodoo donuts and Hot Lips pizza. Sizzle Pie is pretty good too.

Nick said...

I come from a different background, fishing (Dad, grandas, uncles ,all fishermen - I was a marine engineer) but it's gone down the tubes now too. Many a time I drive along the coast & look at the empty harbours, and remember how they were almost full, back when I was a " ginger beer".

PatriotUSA said...

OK, you got me, Nick...ginger beer?

tamij said...

Hey! Don't know if you noticed...on a whim I posted my little article on the Ricochet member feed. If a piece is deemed good enough by the editors, they may post it on the Main Feed where all of the "professional writers" post. Many of my friends have been trying for 1-3 years with no success.

I posted mine late Sunday night and was shocked when my friend George Rapp tweeted this:

1st at-bat is a home run! @tamij, 'Let's Re-Calibrate Their Priorities!' on http://Ricochet.com http://shar.es/tpTGA via @sharethis #hewitt

The Main Feed gets national exposure! I am still shocked! If you scroll down, I'm at 23 hours (about 11 articles down)... http://ricochet.com/main-feed

I better get busy and think of more topics!!!

PatriotUSA said...


I have a proposition for you.

No, not that kind! It is about blogging.

I was wondering if you might consider become a contributor here on PC? I am always looking for excellent writes and conservatives and you are both!

Let me know either way and if you want to pass, that is quite all right by me. I will not be insulted and understand.

You ARE that good!

Congratulations over at Ricochet. I did not even know about it. Great job all the way around.

Nick said...

"ginger beer " = engineer

I used to work on marine diesel engines, served my apprenticeship & did that for a few years afterwards. That was a good many years ago now though.

tamij said...

I would love to be a contributor! Now I need to get busy and think of some topics--so many assaults from the left to choose from!