July 4, 2012: This ragged patriot is pissed!

If you came here looking for fireworks or pretty pictures today, I make NO apologies if you are disappointed. 

While there are still many great thing about the USA, American Exceptionalism is in steep decline and the outright disregard for OUR Constitution by this traitorous administration should make any right thinking American beating down the doors of their senators and representatives, demanding impeachment of obama, the first muslim, illegal alien potus. The voters of this country who voted in this statist, progressive commie, disgust me.  This socialist loser must be removed this coming November and that goes for every butt leeching politician, left or right that sucks. grovels to obama and his ilk.

This is like attacking and killing cancer. It is now stage 3 and metastasizing into stage 4.

 By Chuck Asay

By Glenn McCoy
Cartoons courtesy of Townhall.com.

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