Huge presentation for work so light posting until late Friday night

I have a very important presentation tomorrow at work, the 27th. I have been working on this all week and it is still not as I want it but I will have to roll with what I have.

I have to be in the field office at 5:30 AM Left Coast Time to move computers and set up the projector to the admin computer (which I have never done before and the projector just arrived at closing time today, thanks IT, grrr....). I am not even supposed to work Thursdays.

This is a presentation for Financial and Funding Services coming over from the flat lands.These are big wheels in our department, the state and I am thinking it is an audit of sorts but also to see how and why the program I run is maybe the best in the state. Our region has been mentioned as a state model numerous times and now perhaps they are getting serious. Funding is stable, no less, no more than last fiscal year but as I learned from my years of working for the Forest Circus, this can change in a snap. My program cannot be run on any less funding. Might as well just kill it if they whack a percentage of funding.

This is poetry in motion.
To top it all off I feel like I have been hit by a Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Locomotive GS-4 class ( in Daylight livery colors, of course!) due to pain. So a night off maybe a good thing even though I hate it.

I am still working on the following threads, my best and worst cars, a response to Colorado which will be timely as a week has passed, a new Poverty With A View featuring a coal, fossil fuel hating letter from the local fish wrapper.

Thanks for being part of the 'gang' on the Corner.

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