The editor is actually awake!

AJ, the editor and chief irritant in my life has been a total nuisance the last few days. 

He never leaves my side unless he hears the fridge open or someone is rattling around in the kitchen. AJ is very aware of my orthopedic, spinal challenges and has broken many a fall for me. Four of those falls would have been down the stairs had he not been there for me. 

I would very lost without him and he is MY dog or I am HIS person. He has always been a bit camera shy but I got him today after he ripped off a piece of fire wood I had just started stacking. He has his own stack out back and he will literally pick up all the pieces of wood and take them back to his stash spot. He does with his chew bones, ropes etc. No matter where we move them to, he puts them back under the table in the living room. 

A I have said many a time: I will gladly take the company of most dogs I have met in my life over the vast majority of people I have met. 

Dogs are, and give, true unconditional love!


I am such a good boy

I hate these stairs!

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Findalis said...

I hope you raised his salary. Working for cookies is hard especially if it isn't a lot of cookies.

HermitLion said...

What a beautiful dog he is, and a wonderful companion.

PatriotUSA said...

Raise his salary???

He eats better than we do, as it SHOULD be. He gets quite a few cookies and tons of fruits, veggies, and lots of very healthy snacks. He is a true omnivore.

Not to mention all the wood he eats which we cannot stop him from doing and does him zero harm. Our vet is quite amazed by this and AJ is one of the favorites there, by far. He knows how to work people to his advantage.

And he thinks islam sucks because most mussies hate dogs.

What is there not to love about him and HE IS my BEST friend!