A change in the law?

David Cameron has promised to change the law in the United Kingdom if two women, Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin, lose an upcoming case in the European courts. Both women argue that their employers (British Airways and the NHS respectively) have persecuted them because they wore a cross at their work. Cameron has said, on the record, that if the women lose their case, then he will change the law to make it clear that people have the right to wear religious symbols at their work. (Of course experience leads one to wonder how such legislation could be abused by Mohammedans. Give them an inch ..) Cameron's policy appears to be to wait and see if the legal precedent set by this case means that legally, Christians can be persecuted for wearing a cross at work. If the ladies win, then the precedent will mean that cannot happen. But if they lose, then Cameron will (he says) act. However, it's not at all clear just how Cameron proposes to enact legislation here in Britain which will be able to override a precedent set in a European court. Vince Cable (an MP representing one of the ladies concerned) has already been told by the Home Secretary that this was impossible. So while Cameron's stance is quite welcome, on the face of it, it is at the end of the day just another politician making a promise. I'll believe it when I see it ...

Source: Daily Telegraph

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PatriotUSA said...

These women should be allowed to wear their crosses.

mussies wear all their garbage and trash bags around and we are forced to put up with this. Yet a Christian or Jew wears a simple symbol and they get taken to court for offending the mussies or brainwashed. Disgusting!

Nick said...

What a leader, eh? This guy allows two women to be persecuted and prosecuted, to lose their livelihoods, and spend years going through all the stress and hassle of taking their case to court, ending up in an European court as well- in addition to their suffering the financial ramifications of what's happened to them.

And the best he can do is say oh well, if they lose they're case, then I'll do something about it.

Pathetic really.

How did we get into this situation in the first place? That's the question he needs to address, & that's what he needs to do something about - now.