A great reason for concealed carry

In the wake of Colorado, we have this kind of garbage and filth threatening police is Seattle. 

Are you surprised? Really should not be surprised at all. Seattle is a city that may be more screwed up than Portland. You know how I feel, really feel about Portland.

A few well placed tactical nukes? No, I do not hate the city that much. Then there might not be any Hot Lips Pizza, Voodoo Donuts and other great spots to dine and hear some really fine music.

These occupy protesters are just low. They need to go find a real job and stop living off grandpa's or dad and mom's trust fund.

I seriously dislike clowns and mimes. Both creep me out. One time at the hippie (Saturday) Market in Eugene, you know the city where old hippies go to die and they think they are beserkely of the north, I chased a two mimes down the street when they got in my face with their act. One of them tried to get me engaged with their act. I got enraged with their act, all right. Clowns are no better.


Protester Dressed as Clown Imitates Shooting Police With Umbrella Prop Gun at Occupy Seattle

As details emerge from the horrific shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the nation grieves and remains on edge towards sensitive topics relating to the crime. Knowing that the main Aurora-shooting suspect James Holmes allegedly behaved and disguised himself like “The Joker” clown villain from “The Dark Knight,” troubling new video has emerged of an apparent protester at Occupy Seattle dressed in clown garb pointing an umbrella at police and bystanders, and “shooting” them as if the umbrella were a gun.

Gateway Pundit, where the video is posted, reports that video was filmed Friday at the “Bring the Fight to the Banks” rally and march. In the video the clown is seen hurling the usually Occupy Wall Street “one percent” accusations at police and pedestrians, before aiming the umbrella at those he taunts while yelling “ba-bam, ba-bam!” When one police officier who the clown taunts appears to be getting unhinged by the shooting imitation, the clown brags to protesters “I’m getting to him. I really am.“ At one point a Seattle woman who was heckled by the clown while running to catch a bus yells back ”get a job.” While continually taunting and cursing at the police with fellow protesters, the clown refers to Seattle Police Chief John Diaz “Chief Dumbass. ”


The fake shooter is seen with one other protester dressed in clown attire, and the pair may be part of Seattle’s faction of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, which The Seattle Weekly released an extensive report on last Monday:

“Though relatively small in numbers – roughly eight or nine clowns total, according to members of the group – the players that make up Seattle’s element of the Clandestine Rebel Clown Army have nonetheless put their stamp on a number of important events over the last few months. Debuting at this year’s May Day protests, the Salish CIRCA seeks to put a new, red-nosed face on radicalism, and inspire thought in the tradition of the Theatre of the Oppressed – a method of using theatrical techniques as a means for promoting social and political change championed by Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal in the 1960s.” Read the rest here

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