Whipping Post: Allman Bros live Fillmore East 1970

Whipping Post: Allman Brothers 1970 live

I do not like most live videos or recording save for a some Grateful Dead and a handful of others.

Taking a break to try and take AJ for a very slow walkies as he and I are stir carzy.

This is an exception and Allman Brothers, saw them live several times and this was back when Duane Allman was still alive and in the lead with Gregg.

Superb video and enjoy!

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Nick said...

3 big events in my musical life, in the order they happened:

1. Seeing George Thorogood (& Albert Collins) at Live Aid.
2. Buying my first Stevie Ray Vaughan album (Soul to Soul)
3. Seeing Clapton live in London (Earl's Court)

Nick said...

I finally saw George live at Glasgow a couple of years ago, and talking of John Lee Hooker, they played "One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer".

The funny thing was, there was a big screen behind the band, flashing up the words, so the crowd could sing along - just in case any of us didn't already know the words, haha ...

PatriotUSA said...

Great song, great song. I was very much into the bottle back when I saw a lot of blues live.

Hooker, damn fine musician and talker of music.