Taking a hint from BC over at I'm 41: Who cares, it's soccer

BC had a post up a while back and NO, I am not going to go look for It. The post had to do with yawn, ho hum soccer, and no, I do not care about futbol or soccer. Nick, sorry if this offends you a bit.

One bad ass ball!
This is the United Sates Of America and we are a melting pot of all different nationalities. That stated, this is land of baseball, football (real), basketball, billiards (pool, for those of you you might not recognize that big word) and my favorite, bowling.

Yes, you read that right! Get over it already.

After trying over 20 different bowling balls(they were not horribly spendy like today), I settled on two balls (snarky comments welcome), a Columbia 300 Yellow Dot for more finish and hook on oily, slick lanes and a Manhattan Rubber snot green booger ball for when the lanes really dried out and the 300 hooked so deep it was into Mexico or Salt Lake City. For you snot nosed babies who might read this, the lanes were actaually made of hardwoods back then and synthetic lanes were just evolving. We kept our own scores at first on paper sheets. We drank A LOT of beer and had two beer frames a game. After league games we bowled for money and we seldom lost. Leaving the house with $150.00 in cash was not unusual. No one got pissy if you smoked and cigars were very prevalent.

Long before my body became an orthopedic wrecking wreck, I was a very  hard core kegler. 100-150 games (lines, no NOT that kind, seriously!) a week was normal for me and my friends. I worked at three different bowling alleys and got to bowl all the lines I wanted for free. For over two years ole' Patriot carried a 212 average with several 800's for three lines or games. 600 plus series were rather common amongst the group I hung out with. My highest series was 876 but I never rolled a 300. Got damn close one night and rolled a 299. Left a SOLID 8 pin on the last roll. Then I wrecked my right shoulder in a furniture mill due to a safety switch not correctly wired  and about 14 years later had to give bowling up. Left shoulder is trashy due to over compensation of doing what the right could no longer handle after eight serious right shoulder surgeries. My ending average was 187 when the pain just became too great.

To heck with soccer and take it back to europistan where they have caved in to islam, msulims for  banning certain symbols and uniforms that offend the brainwashed masses of islam. 
Spain beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties to reach Euro 2012 final. Seriously, who cares?


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Nick said...

I'd swap your balls for mine right now, that's all I'm saying ...

PatriotUSA said...

OOwwwww, maybe trade my Back, leg and shoulders and we MIGHT have a deal?

Please see post on the SCOTUS upholding obamacare. I would really like to see you do a future post on the NHS and what might we expect now that this horrible thing has been upheld.

I realize the USA in not exactly like where you live and work but you see it from a totally boots on ground perspective. Only if ya got the time and want to take this up.