Music for the dark times in our lives

A few songs for early Thursday AM.

Just a quick note about yours truly, PatriotUSA and it is not good news.

Last week, my illustrious doctors who control my pain medications totally cut me off all my RX meds for the severe, chronic pain I deal with 24/7 from two spinal fusions and over ten other orthopedic surgeries. This cut off came with out any warning, last refills or notice, just bam. I am fortunate to not be going through any withdrawals, just a tremendous increase in pain, loss of left leg, foot function and pain so wicked sleep is nigh impossible. I missed work yesterday. I did not abuse of overuse my prescriptions at all. Just docs thinking they know what is best for us and our quality of life.

These songs reflect how I feel, sick, nauseated and barely able to walk. Prayers would be greatly appreciated..

Joan Osborne - One of us


The Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See

Blue Ridge Mountain Sky by The Marshall Tucker Band

Fire On The Mountain - Marshall Tucker



The Healer (with John Lee Hooker)


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Only thing I can add is this ...