Liking to be cool and leave my AC alone!

Why am I still up at 3:00 AM????  Because the attacks on our way of life and American exceptionalism never stop from here or abroad. To hell with all of them.

Here is another example of the guilt ridden progressives wanting to lower our living standards and give up air conditioning. OK, sure and I will give everything I own away (what little we really have left) to those poor developing nations, build a mud hut covered with palm fronds. Maybe I will see if the professor (Russell Johnson) from Gilligan's Island is around to help me out? Of course, one only has to look at the source for such a progressive, regressive article, The New York Times.

Maybe there will be a place for me and my family on the old plantation, the reverse plantation that has it's origins from white man's guilt, the white man's burden. 

You want me to give up our air conditioning? Is not going to happen and it is a quality of life issue for me here in central POORegon where it does get a might toasty from time to time. To borrow a term from the Baron from the fine site, Gates Of Vienna, here at Schloss Homer, we are very energy efficient. This time of year the AC is set at 76 degrees to keep the Mrs. from wanting to throw 100 blankets on the bed because it is too chilly, bah! Plus the daughter is home from university and she gets cold if it is below 70 degrees outside. I have a side business collecting, restoring, repairing antique and vintage electric fans We have six in the house, the oldest one dating to 1937 and the newest one is 1954. Remarkable machines when materials and craftsmanship really meant something here in the States. These fans were built with longevity, ease of service and repair in mind. My oldest fan is a 1912 General Electric that runs and looks like the day it left the GE factory. I have over 150 fans in inventory and someday might even have a website, as I really should. Since 2002 I have sold 175 of these wonderful machines and NOT ONE has ever come back except for regular service. These old warriors run almost everyday of the year in our home, helping cool or heat our home which is a 1970 built split level. Here is what one of the fan's looks like, mine looks a lot better.

1952 Emerson 77646-AS workhorse fan
As many of you know, one of my demons is severe, chronic, debilitating pain from way too many spinal and orthopedic surgeries. Unfortunately, I am not done yet with this war against pain but will just leave it at this. I really MUST stay as cool as possible. Our home has had new windows installed, insulation added, new ventilating fans installed, storm doors etc. Our power company is threatening our area with the so called smart meters to be installed and I can assure you, that will not happen here. Pacific Power is doing all it can to bring about Agenda 21and help the obama administration and the environazis of the EPA, kill the coal industry. So this particular article really is ridiculous and no, I do not feel one bit sorry for these poor or developing nations.

We do not need anymore stupid people in our government! Leave us alone and those of you who think this is a good idea, then go ahead and makes yourselves 'feel better'.


Should Air-Conditioning Go Global, or Be Rationed Away?

The economist Thorstein Veblen once quipped that "invention is the mother of necessity." That was before the age of air-conditioning, but no technology better illustrates Veblen's point. Having developed efficient cooling, we've designed homes, businesses and transportation systems that are completely dependent on it, while the resulting greenhouse emissions create the need for even more air-conditioning.
There's little we can say to the developing world about its pursuit of air-conditioning until we end our own society's dependence on it.
Cooling of America's buildings and vehicles has the annual global-warming impact of almost half a billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. (Three-fourths of that is attributable to fossil fuels, the rest to refrigerants.) We consume more energy for residential air-conditioning than do all other countries combined, but that's about to change. Home-cooling demand worldwide is projected to increase tenfold before 2050, stimulated by rising incomes and rising temperatures in already-warm regions. Such staggering growth will swamp out efficiency gains, outstrip renewable energy and accelerate warming.

We must break this feedback loop, but what does one say to someone living in one of the tropical nations where much of the increase in cooling demand is expected? Surely not that Americans are addicted to air-conditioning and can’t give it up, but we expect Southeast Asians to get by without air-conditioners because they're used to the heat.

No, there's little we can say until we end our own society's dependence on lavish cooling. Doing that would be a good start, but addressing energy-hungry technologies one at a time won't achieve the greenhouse-gas cuts of as much as 80 percent that science says are necessary to prevent catastrophic warming. Only a per-person ceiling on overall emissions can accomplish that. 

A global greenhouse ration would push us into distinguishing between absolute necessities like food or water and manufactured necessities like a houseful of refrigerated air. And making such decisions could help us recover some of the resilience our own culture has lost in the age of air-conditioning.

Original source is here.

Hat tip: The Last Refuge.

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