In honor of Harold and for Nick: Mid-week music

So this week sucks and it is not even Wednesday. First week of every month means working the first or second Monday as the program I administer has assessment sessions out of town the first Friday and Monday of the month. I do NOT work Monday's, too many reasons to list here. After yesterday and today, with one of the few assistants, (very few) not in due to being too ill to stand, let alone work and my volunteers having to honor their other commitments, this week sucks. I am not adding in the other staff members out due to ridiculous requirements that 'all of sudden' have to be met, nasty, stupid work place politics or general stupidity that comes when one works with the general public.

So I figured (noticed I did not say thought) some music was in order. An eclectic mix for varied tastes in music, or not. If you do not like the selections, don't listen to them. Life can be, quite simple. Plus something else has been weighing on me quite heavily.

There is a much better reason for these songs, read on......

These are in honor of Nick's friend, Harold who sadly passed away a while back. The anniversary of Harold's passing is running up on Nick and he has been a bit down of late, over this. Understandably so. I did not know Harold at all so hopefully he would have approved of these songs. I know Harold only through what Nick has shared with me and he sounded like a stand up guy all the way. Nick was there for Harold and this is just one of the ways I can be there for Nick.

In honor of Harold and for Nick.

Blackfoot - Highway Song

Maybe one of the best southern rock groups, EVER!

WHIPPING POST - Allman Brothers Band 

Allman Brothers / Stormy Monday


Hound dog Taylor And the Houserockers - She's Gone

Kitchen Sink Boogie - Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers (Live)

T-Bone Walker - Goin' to Chicago 

Otis Spann and Muddy Waters - Nobody Knows My Trouble ( HD - LIVE - 1968 ) 


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4 Comments - Share Yours!:

Nick said...

All I can say is thank you for that. We spend a lot of time in life dealing with relatively trivial stuff, but every now and again we do something that really matters. And on the internet, we all like having a bit of fun too, but in my outlook, some of the things that are said on this blog (and on some other sites like it) matters; it's good that certain things are said, sometimes. This would be one of those times; and by the way ...

Blackfoot are the dog's bollocks!

Nick said...

You just know, listening to Hound Dog Taylor there, that Stevie Ray used to listen to him when he was learning to play. I used to have an outtake version of Stevie Ray doing "Give Me Back My Wig" somewhere; in fact I had a couple of bootlegs of SRV, maybe it was on one of them..

PatriotUSA said...

Least I can do, Nick.

SRV, awesome and not a lot of folks know about Hound Dog.
Damn fine music. Had to have me a whiskey and a cigar!

Nick said...

If I still drank whisky, I'd definitely have one too! (Posted a song you might like btw.)