After the SCOTUS on SB1070: Boys to be sent back to Mexico

I have been following this story for quite some time. I have purposely held off posting anything about this sad state of affairs as I was waiting for the ruling an Arizona's line in sad, incredibly awesome State Bill 1070You can search  the archives here to find my 100% support for Arizona SB1070

Arizona was forced to pass this bill because the federal government refused to enforce laws that have been on the books since the 1940's to keep illegal aliens OUT of our country. I am still reading numerous articles and opinions on what the Supreme Court's ruling will mean. The fact that almost immediately certain agencies will REFUSE to work with Arizona on the portions of 1070 that were not struck down is disgusting and just further pandering for the Hsipanic illegal alien vote. If you cannot see this or do not get this, there is no help or solace for you, your liberal, progressive, regressive, 'enlightened' train wreck of thoughts. Our country is being sold out to political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism.

Back to article from last week's local fish wrapper here in Central POORegon. Read this article and get mad, very mad. This is the Department Of Human Services idea of good plan and settlement for two young boys who have known little stability or common abundance in their short lives. Now they will be returned to their 'father' in Mexico. He was deported for beating Mom up.

"The boys' biological mother, 23-year-old Melissa Ihrig, is currently housed at the Jefferson County Jail for violating her parole and is awaiting trial on charges of distributing methamphetamine to minors. Their father, Faustino Sanchez-Valerio, 27, was deported to Mexico in 2010 after pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault."

This is just the tip of that proverbial iceberg of dual parental neglect, drug addiction and the nasty, dark lifestyle that comes with this way of life. For these two boys, it was not living at all. The father has been deported, was violent against the boy's mother and mom is in prison. Great role models here, don't you think? Now the State Of Oregon DHS may have already shipped these poor boys off to a 'uncertain' fate with dad in Mexico.

These boys were in a good, stable home and they do not want to be with 'dad.' Who can really blame them and this is what the hell is wrong wrong with our country? Just a snapshot of a much larger picture that has gone totally bad.

The victims are the two boys and shame on the State of Oregon, shame, shame shame!

From The Bend Bulletin.

Shylo and Michael Walker and their adopted son Eli, 4, sitting on Michael's lap, play with their two foster children at their home.
              Shylo and Michael Walker and their adopted son Eli, 4, sitting on Michael's lap, play with their two foster children at their home.

Foster boys will be sent to Mexico

Crooked River Ranch couple must yield custody to the father, judge rules

The two brothers at the center of an adoption fight will be sent to Mexico next week.
Shylo and Michael Walker, the boys' foster parents, hoped to prevent their return to their biological father, who was deported to Mexico after pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge in 2010.

“I'm just heartbroken. I'm devastated right now,” Shylo Walker said. “I can't imagine them leaving, and only giving us five days' notice is not very considerate.”

The Walkers, who live in Crooked River Ranch, have fostered the boys since September 2010, and said they had obviously suffered neglect at the hands of their biological parents.

The boys' mother, Melissa Ihrig, is in the Jefferson County jail awaiting trial on a slew of drug-related charges. She is likely to be sent to prison for several years, and had agreed to an open adoption with the Walkers.

But the Oregon Department of Human Services, which seeks to reunite biological families whenever possible, tracked down the boys' father, Faustino Sanchez-Valerio, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. He first expressed interest in getting custody of his sons about eight months ago, and began having weekly phone calls with the boys.

In previous interviews, the Walkers and Ihrig's attorney said Sanchez-Valerio had not parented the boys before his deportation. One of the boys refers to him as “that man.” When the Walkers discovered their foster sons, both U.S. citizens, might be sent to live with their biological father in a foreign country, culture and language, they decided to seek adoption.

But this week, at what the Walkers and their attorney, Angela Lee, were told would simply be a status hearing, that plan was foiled.

Shylo Walker said Lee, who did not return a call for comment, was under the impression it was a hearing “to basically schedule a date and time for an official hearing in July.” The hearing took place at the Jefferson County Circuit Court before Judge Daniel Ahern. Instead of scheduling another hearing, Walker said, Ahern signed a final order to send the boys to Mexico to live with their father.
Ahern did not return a call for comment.

Walker learned of the decision Thursday morning when the boys' court-appointed special advocate came to their home.

The advocate, she said, believed the boys would be sent to Mexico sometime between July 15 and Aug. 15. But when Walker checked her voice mail on Thursday, she had a message from DHS.
“They said they're taking the boys on Tuesday,” she said through tears.

In previous interviews, Oregon DHS officials said they take great pains to ensure an out-of-country home will be safe for the children. They conduct site visits and are in touch with local social service agencies that will keep an eye out for the boys.

On Thursday, DHS spokesman Gene Evans said the reunification in Mexico would indeed take place in the coming week.

Evans said reunifications vary in the amount of time they take. Sometimes, he said, transfers take place the same day the judge signs the order. Other times it may take longer.

“It's going to depend in every case on the children, and those transitions are really based on what works for them,” he said. “In many cases, when that plan is set up the transition begins before their actual physical transition takes place. There are often people working with the children to get them ready for the move and all the preparation is done, so once the judge makes the decision for the physical transfer ... they're ready to go.”

Once the boys are placed with their biological father, DHS' responsibility will end. Evans said the state may go back to court to close the Oregon case.

“The custody, the care, it all reverts to the parent,” he said. “The state steps out of it.”

Original source is here.

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