Whitewashing Islam in Public Schools: Jihad in our schools

The “Education or Indoctrination” report focuses on what students in grades 6-12 are learning about jihad, Islamic sharia law, Muhammad, Israel, 9/11 and much more. The results may shock you.

None of us should be shocked by this video. Since 1979, when the iranian hostage crisis blew up and was a major embarrassment for the pathetic administration of 'jimmie the dhimmi carter', we, the USA and the western free world have been at war with islam. Yes, we are at WAR with islam. Those who embrace the toxic three, the terminal poisonous stews of political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism, recoil in horror and disgust at the use of those words, we are at war with islam. To these brainwashed fools who believe in obama, unicorns and rainbows that it is only a handful of radical muslims that have hijacked all of islam and made it looked bad, all the moderate muslims will save us. Sounds great, no? So where are all the moderate muslims? They are either dead, in hiding or pretending to be moderate muslims. Take a look at the disaster of the 'arab spring' and tell us, where are the moderates? They are in hiding, dead or in prisons.

You might be wondering what does the above have to do with islam and our public schools? Here is why the above matters. Do you have kids in public school(s)? Then pay attention and get involved in the indoctrination education your children are getting.

Being at war with islam means being subjected to jihad and jihad has many names and sets of clothing. Jihad is jihad. Do not be fooled or put at ease but those islamists and islamosympathizers who try and explain or paint jihad over into a harmless search for spiritual truth. Jihad is being waged upon our children in our public schools. I have witnessed this where we live. School boards across the country take their orders from NEA on down. This is where the three terminal poisonous stews come into play, being forced upon our children at the public school level. These are the ages and grades where our kids are the most vulnerable. One look at who has control of our education system should be enough to worry any parent with a functioning brain. That leaves almost all liberals out.

Whitewashing Islam in Public Schools: Jihad in our schools

Hat tip: Creeping Sharia.

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Nick said...

I just downloaded this podcast from iTunes to watch later, boot up my laptop & here it is - same wavelength right enough.

Nick said...

watched it today, I may get that book