Travon Martin Day celebrated at southeast school

Tonight I said the hell with pain and splashed back enough Ezra Brooks 12 year old whiskey that I am not feeling much pain right now. I figured I better toss up a couple posts as I know the pain will return, Ezra is not the path to being pain free and I do not take this course of action very often.

As I have previously mentioned there are a couple excellent and truth filled sites to discover the real truth about thug, drug dealer and seller, travon martin. These are The Last Refuge, The Fellowship Of The Minds and now you can add The People's Cube to this list. I am sure there are others but these three have had some of the most extensive and best coverage on exposing travon martin for what he is.

This is from The People's Cube


Happy Trayvon Martin Day! 

Ahhhhh, comrades! It warms my progressive heart - in fact, my entire circulatory system! - to see yet again how ANYone can rise to the top here in the USSA, sometimes simply by beating a non-African-American Neighborhood Watch™ Captain! Yes, Malcom X Elementary School in Washington D.C. is progressively setting the standard! It's a glorious day!!!

So, how did the kids celebrate Trayvon Martin day? Did their teachers help them prepare purple drink/Purple Lean/Lean/Sizzurp in the school lab? Did the children stick their tongues out as they carefully mixed Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup and Sprite, or Arizona Watermelon, with Jolly Ranchers and/or Skittles thrown in? Did they then go to the school cafeteria and solemnly consume the beverage in small sips, in order to avoid unconsciousness and/or life threatening overdose? And then, when it turned them violent, did they go outside and beat the crap out of some random cracker who dared roam the neighborhood?

Original source is here.
Hat tip: The Last Refuge

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Findalis said...

A school in a Black neighborhood has a day honoring a drug dealing punk. I guess the principal and administration of that school wants all the children to grow up to be drug dealing punks.

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, not too many other conclusions one can come to, Findalis.

If this was a white kid who got killed the LSM would have let it go by with nary a mention. No chance for race baiting and hatred like with the death of this scuzzy punk.

That said, I do feel it is a tragedy when ANY young adult is killed. And no, skin color does not matter. It is still a tragedy.