Rasmussen: 63% See Conflict Between Islam and the West

Today, Rasmussen Reports identifies: "Nearly two-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (63%) believe there is a conflict in the world today between Western civilization and Islamic nations, but most also think the United States should leave the Islamic world alone.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 18% of voters feel there is not a global conflict now between the West and Islamic nations. Another 19% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)"

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PatriotUSA said...

most also think the United States should leave the Islamic world alone.

Seriously, like leaving the islamic world alone will work? NO WAY and islam, which jihad is an integral component of, will never leave us or anyone else alone. Look at islamic immigration (which should be BANNED permanently and all immigration should be banned for at least ten years).Check out the statistics of how a very small population of muslims, followers of islam start to cause havoc via lawsuits, violence and intimidation in any host country.

1400 plus years of islamic history
have proven over and over islam will NOT leave the rest of the world alone. Over 95% of ALL terrorist acts are caused by muslims and islam. Do not believe me then go to the site call the Religion Of Peace. They have verified this time after time.


We are at war with islam, period.

Nick said...

Like many people I had no inkling whatsoever about Islam prior to 9/11, and like many people I made a point of finding out. The multiple terrorist attacks since 9/11, the riots and murders perpetrated by Muslims whenever anyone mentions their so-called prophet - all needs to be put into the proper historical context.

Simply saying that islam is a religion of peace won't do; that's an unsupported assertion made for political reasons. I'm not interested in politicians' lies. I'm interested in the truth.

People like John Quincy Adams nailed it down for us some time ago - see link.