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Finally someone, somewhere has said it. The press in the UK have for a long time used the inappropriate label "Asian" to refer to Muslims who commit crimes in the UK. So we have "Asian sex gangs" and so forth. Finally, after 9 Pakistani Muslims were convicted of the most appalling crimes against young women in Rochdale recently, Sikhs and Hindus have complained about the way these crimes are reported in the media.

As they correctly point out, the term "Asian" is inaccurate; the perpetrators of such crimes - and there have been many such crimes in the UK - are inevitably Pakistani Muslims. Their victims are inevitably non-Muslims. Most people in the media who dare to think about how such crimes have been allowed to happen are still hung up on whether the crimes are "racist". It's important to note that this talk about "racism" is still part of the approved framework of the left.

The press needs to ignore the precepts of cultural relativism, and state the facts of the matter. It is the purpose of the media to inform, not to indoctrinate. Not all cultures are equal - saying they are is obviously false.

Any journalist worthy of the name would investigate how the religious underbelly of Pakistani culture permits such barbaric crimes as the sex trafficking of non-Muslim women.

Race may or may not play a part in the thinking of the Pakistani Muslims who perpetrate sex crimes against non-Muslim females. If it does then that would be a significant fact, worthy of being reported in the press. But the religious aspect of their criminal behaviour needs to be uncovered too.

Perhaps these complaints of non-Muslim "Asian" groups living in the UK, if they're sustained, will make it easier for journalists, police, judges and politicians to at least start asking different questions in the face of this crime wave. And that needs to happen, if we are to really understand what is happening in Britain today, and if we are to prevent more young girls being abused by Pakistani Muslims.

Source: BBC News.

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