About banning Native American Mascots in Oregon

This was totally expected and I am surprised it took so long for Oregon, the state which so many think is oh so progressive, oh so uber hip and cool, oh so so far ahead of other states in our country, to pass this mascot ban for all state high schools. What about the vote? The nerve of that one board member who voted against the mascot ban so the vote was 5-1. This lone board member who had the temerity, the nerve, the common sense, to cast a vote which may be seen by some as a vote against the rising tide of sickening political correctness. Shock, horror and shame!

Just for the record, Oregon is actually a pretty CONSERVATIVE state. This is especially true when one escapes the covertly enforced politically correct, multicultural and diversified Willamette valley by crossing over the Cascades. and entering Central and Eastern Oregon. The valley, which stretches from a bit south of Roseburg, north to the hipster infested city of Portland, is overrun by hippies, freaks, fairies, hipsters, posers, progressives and statists who hate any and every cause that may contain even the tiniest bit of Conservative. The largest population centers are in the valley. Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford will almost always carry the state for the democrats. There are many reasons to avoid living or even visiting the west side of Oregon but no need to start a rant at this time.

The mascot ban is nothing more than a warm and fuzzy moment, at the end of a rainbow created by unicorn farts, with wreckage from decades of liberal government rule and policies that have left most of the residents with a huge burden of increasing taxes and fees.

The image below is from the University of North Dakota. The image of a Sioux warrior is in my opinion, perfect. If this upsets you or ticks you off, so be it. It is long overdue for ALL minorities to quit whining, playing the race card, and demanding reparations.

From the Bend Bulletin

This is so horribly offensive??
The good and not-so good of banning Indian mascots

The Oregon Board of Education made a decision Thursday that is easy to quarrel with and easy to forgive: Schools in Oregon must stop using Native American-themed mascots by 2017 or they could lose state funding.

Names such as “Braves,” “Chiefs” and “Indians” must go, according to The Oregonian. “White Buffalo” and “Warriors” can stay.

The argument to get rid of the mascots is they are a vulgarity and lead to racism. Board Vice Chairman Artemio Paz told the paper the wrong sort of mascots lead to “racism and unnecessary bullying. We do not allow that to exist for any of our populations.”

Part of what Paz is saying is not true. The board allows names of nations and peoples to be appropriated and manipulated as mascots. Oregon has the Scots, the Highlanders, the Vikings and the Spartans. They were not banned.

Oregon also has its Crusaders, Pirates, Outlaws and Raiders. Should the state sanction cheering any of those on? Is even use of the Cowboys safe?

We are not calling on the state board to become Lord High Executioner of All That Which Offends in Schools. It has more important things to do than mine for violations of P.C. orthodoxy.

If the state board is going to be a busy body, it should be a busybody about improving the education of Oregon students. Banning mascots is just so much easier.

As for students, do they learn more with the ban? Do they learn more by erasing the last vestiges of Indian-themed mascots?

The lesson students learn from the ban is that even when moralistic arguments are flawed, their elders have decided it’s best just to wave the white flag.

Link to the above editorial is here.

Here is the article that reported about the Oregon Board Of Education voting to ban Indian Native American themed mascots from Oregon high schools.

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Nick said...

How dare they offend people by using the words scots and highlanders when those words are obviously only meant to be used by anyone living north of Inverness! All English speakers know that no one else is supposed to utter those words for any reason whatsoever, that's part of the rules of English - hold on can we even call the English language "English" any more? What about "American English"? If we follow these people's logic no one should offend Americans by, either verbally or in writing, noting the obvious fact that Americans speak English! Saying that Americans speak English is inviting a violent backlash from extremist English speaking Americans! Luckily most American English speakers are moderate, and only about 15% of American English speakers are thought to have self radicalised and are likely to blow themselves up in the middle of the town square, or cut someone's head off with a rusty sword after having their honour besmirched by someone teaching English grammar in a school in San Francisco!