Sporadic posting due to work and etc....

Sorry about posts being on the light side this past week but work has gotten much crazier as it is almost the end of the fiscal year. This means that chaos and mayhem have emerged as all departments and agencies are scrambling for funding and looking at their tea leaves and crystal balls to 'predict' future funding.

I AM NOT a numbers person and abhor trying to help with budget predictions, expectations etc. but it is a necessary evil when one works for any government agency. I only have one assistant left for the program I administer and my position and hers and both in jeopardy for next fiscal year. No need to bore you all with the details but let me just leave this at that I have been looking for other employment options and submitting a lot of applications. This has burned up what little free time I had for PC. Plus Scott has been in a noticeable decline and has needed much more assistance from me.

Will post what I can over the weekend but just letting those who wander in here know about the hit or miss nature of my time for blogging right now. Of course, all of the above makes me grumpier than usual, (Yes, that is possible) and right now the only one who likes me at home is AJ.

So, will be back late tonight and see what I have in 'holding' for some good posts.

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