The Leftist Indoctrination at the University of California

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Townhall

Debra Saunders, who has been a columnist for many years for the San Francisco Chronicle, has written an important piece that is appearing on Townhall, in which she explains the domination of leftist professors within the University of California system.


Having been an adjunct teacher at the University of California at Irvine since 1998, I have followed this
phenomena for quite some time-especially as it pertains to the Israel-Palestine conflict, which is the major point of contention on UC campuses-as well as other campuses across North America (including Canada).

As far as the disparity of conservative professors, I think a large part of the problem is that those with a conservative mindset are not usually attracted to an academic career. (I wasn't until I retired from DEA.) They usually go out in the real world to make a living and acquire real life experiences. The liberals who dominate academia usually are those who go from BA/BS to Masters to Doctorate and right into teaching. Do I have the empirical evidence for that at my fingertips? No, but I would bet my mortgage that the above statement would be borne out by any study.

The university is a friendly environment for the left-indeed the far-left. The problem is that it carries over into the classroom, where leftist professors see their job as indoctrinating their students rather than providing them with a balanced or neutral education as to world issues. It used to be bashing conservatism and Republican politicians in order to further the "progressive cause". Now it is also  focused on bashing Israel and promoting the Palestinian cause.

But one might ask; why such emphasis on an issue half a world away? It is largely because American universities have accepted millions of dollars from Middle East interests including Saudi Arabia to establish Middle East departments staffed with anti-Israel zealots who use their classrooms as soapboxes to deligitimize Israel as a nation that doesn't even have the right to exist as a Jewish state free from attack from a hostile Arab/Muslim collection of dysfunctional dictatorships that themselves have no regard for human rights. Plus, it also fits nicely into the overall anti-America, anti-Western civilization, post colonial philosophy that is prevalent in virtually all universities. If you criticize it, you are accused of being racist or "Islamophobic."

So what is the result within the UC system, where the problem is acute? Today, we see a collection of campuses with humanities and social sciences dominated by leftist ideologues posing as professional educators. Add to that a collection of feckless chancellors hiding under their desks and supervised from above by an equally feckless president (Mark Yudof), who has allowed his campuses to become places where Jewish students who support Israel and assert their Jewish identity are subjected to intimidation and harassment.

Saunders' article is welcome, but it only scratches the surface of the problem. Here is the scary point: Every single one of our future educators, university administrators, and political leaders are today walking through the hallways of these campuses.

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Nick said...

Interesting insight into what is becoming more of a problem as times goes on. I think you are correct in your analysis. One of the issues, as you say, is that a lot of these people have never been exposed to reality.

Taking that notion a step further, can we not say that in the daily life of someone who is working for a living, truth matters? If you or I are going about our business then we have to make decisions about what to do next, & how to solve problems that arise, as we're doing our job. And the truth matters.

If (back in my marine engineering days) I was going down to a boat's engine room to repair a breakdown, then I'd have to actually identify the problem and figure out a way to carry out the repair. And engineering is an unforgiving discipline. I could just make some theory up and pretend that everything was hunky-dory.

But once I pressed the starter button, that pretence would be exposed as inadequate. The truth matters, and in real life there's no getting away from that.

But in the ethereal environment of higher education, the truth doesn't matter.

To students, the opinion of professors and lecturers matters; just try sending in work that undermines what you have been "taught" & see where that gets you.

As for professors and lecturers, the doctrines approved by their paymasters matters; just try teaching subjects using facts, logic and reason instead of saying in your class exactly what the guy standing behind you with the chequebook wants you to say, & see where that gets you.

And here's my point. It doesn't matter what is taught in higher education, because unlike real life, there are no consequences.

If you choose fantasy instead of reality, if you deal in lies instead of truth as you go about your daily business, then unlike say, repairing a diesel engine or working in the DEA, the truth won't necessarily come back to bite you on the ass.

You'll get away with it. Time and time again. In fact your behaviour will be approved of, and you actually will be rewarded.

Because not only does the truth no longer matter, it has been altogether rejected.

As you say the even more worrying thing is that people are going through this system in order to prepare themselves for life, and who knows where those young people will end up - running the country?