Foreign Confidential hits grand slam with coverage on North Korea!

There is no other way to express how well Foreign Confidential scooped everyone else in breaking coverage on the recent North Korean missile launch.

Foreign Confidential (formerly China Confidential) led by Confidential Reporter since 2005, has consistently been out in front when it comes to breaking coverage on North Korea, China and many other regions of the world.

As I am trying to catch up (and not doing a very good job) I am posting several superb articles from Foreign Confidential coverage on the North Korean missile launch, on why the Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai scandals matter to the outside world and other news from that part of the world.

While Americans are rightfully concerned about our domestic problems and the upcoming election, it is imperative that we should not lose sight of the what is going on outside of the United States. Foreign Confidential has no equal in my opinion and if you get tired of this, too bad.


Foreign Confidential hits grand slam with coverage on North Korea!
From Confidential Reporter

Continued Presence Signals Possible Preparations
For More Missile Firings, Including Tests, Attacks

Foreign Confidential™ analysts believe that at least three Iranian ballistic missile experts are still in North Korea following its failed "satellite launch"--a thinly disguised test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that was produced with Iran's assistance. The remaining visitors were part of a larger Iranian delegation that observed the launch of the rocket that broke up about a minute after blasting off from the North's so-called space center.

The continued presence of Iranian missile experts in the country could be a sign that Pyongyang is preparing more missile firings, analysts say, possibly including tests of medium and long-range missiles and actual, medium-range missile strikes on South Korean targets.

Foreign Confidential™ was first among media outlets in reporting--and predicting--Iranian involvement in the North's ICBM test.

The North is also believed to be preparing a third overt test of a nuclear weapon--the regime is strongly suspected of conducting covert tests--and analysts say a delegation of Iranian nuclear experts will again observe the explosion, in keeping with past practice.

Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs would not be possible without Iranian support. The partnership of the world's most militantly atheist country--Kimist/Communist North Korea--and the world's foremost clerical fascist nation--Islamist Iran--is both ironic and telling. At the very least, their close cooperation in nuclear and missile crimes makes a mockery of the argument, popular in pro-appeasement circles, that Iran's hostility to the West in general and to the United States in particular stems to a significant degree from alleged Western and U.S. insults to Islam.

The Kimist-Islamist alliance also makes a mockery of the term international community. But that's another story.

Foreign Confidential™ (formerly China Confidential) is the only media outlet that predicted the North's two publicly acknowledged nuclear tests, in 2006 and 2009, including accurately forecasting the exact dates of the detonations.


A dozen Iranian officials, responsible for the country's ballistic missile program, visited North Korea last week to observe its latest rocket launch, which ended in failure, a diplomatic source here said Sunday.

"On March 31, 12 Iranians of the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG) arrived in North Korea. The Iranians undoubtedly were there to observe the missile launch and receive test data from North Korea," the source told Yonhap News Agency, requesting anonymity.

South Korean government officials neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, citing a practice of not commenting on intelligence-related matter.

Iran was involved in Pyongyang's provocation, analysts say. North Korea's proliferation partner paid for the launch; Iranians observed the event.

The next day, Friday, April 13, Foreign Confidential™ again reported that an Iranian delegation "observed the North's missile launch … and will also be on hand for the country's upcoming missile firings … and nuclear tests."

Three days earlier, on April 10, Foreign Confidential™ reported "that a delegation of Iranian military and intelligence officers and scientists and technicians will be on hand for the event, as they were for previous nuclear and missile tests."

Iranian experts will probably observe the upcoming missile launch, which is set for sometime between April 12 and 16.


'We've Seen this Pattern,' Says Michael Hayden

Commenting on North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong Un, and on growing concern that the country is preparing a nuclear test following last week's missile launch, former CIA director Michael Hayden told VOA: "We have seen this pattern in the past, where they have a missile launch, the rest of the world has responded and rather than to compromise or to negotiate, the North has taken another provocative action and in several instances, in two instances the provocative action has been an attempt at a nuclear test."

Hayden said some analysts believe the untested new leader's actions may be an attempt to show his strength. But others say the missile launch--just weeks after an announced agreement not to carry out such tests and to stop nuclear development in return for food aid--may have been inevitable.

"Both the missile test and the food aid from the United States were set in motion by Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un is not yet quite strong enough in his own position to have turned off either since they were both started by his father," Hayden said.


Israeli Report Supports Foreign Confidential™ Speculation Deal to End Iran Nuclear Standoff Could Allow it to Secretly Build Bombs

Enterprising reporting by DEBKAfile--click here to read the article--supports a point that Foreign Confidential™ made yesterday in connection with Iranian participation in North Korea's nuclear and missile programs--namely, that Iran could "decide to end its nuclear standoff with the West by accepting an agreement that will make it possible for the mullahocracy to stop its suspect uranium enrichment activities while leaving intact both an ability to secretly make several nuclear weapons at short notice and a presumed stockpile of dirty bombs."


Click here to read about the Wang Lijun Affair and its importance to the Bo Xilai Scandal, the related Heywood Murder Mystery--and politics in the United States, whose Chengdu-based diplomats did not grant asylum to Wang Lijun after listening to (and presumably recording) his revelations about the nexus of power and money in today's China.

The former vice mayor of Chengdu--Bo was his patron--could be convicted of treason and executed.


North Korea is believed to be preparing its first test of a uranium nuclear weapon--Pyongyang's previous nuclear tests used plutonium. Click here to read more.

As the Reuters article makes clear, there is no civilian purpose for such a test. Nor was there a peaceful purpose to Pyongyang's plutonium device detonations. North Korea clearly intends to become a producer of nuclear bombs and warheads--its scientists and technicians have been working on miniaturization--and proving that it can use enriched uranium instead of plutonium to manufacture the weapons is a significant step forward for the "military-first" regime.

Iran Also Benefits

There is an Iranian hand in the North's uranium push. Should Iran decide to end its nuclear standoff with the West by accepting an agreement that will make it possible for the mullahocracy to stop its suspect uranium enrichment activities while leaving intact both an ability to secretly make several nuclear weapons at short notice and a presumed stockpile of dirty bombs, the regime would like to be able to outsource nuclear weapons production to its proliferation partner. Bombs and warheads can be smuggled; and nuclear-tipped missiles can be concealed in shipping containers and fired at coastal cities from seemingly civilian cargo vessels, using camouflaged launch systems that Iran and North Korea are believed to have already tested.

Endnote: Kimist/Communist North Korea and clerical fascist Iran will never scrap their nuclear arms programs altogether. They will stall and play for time--and play the useful idiots of the West like violins. Eventually, North Korea and Iran may even enter into phony arms control agreements. But they will never really disarm. Both rogues have learned from their common ally, Castroite Communist Cuba, that atomic arms can be used to extract a non-intervention commitment from the United States; and the regimes have also learned--by watching what happened to Libya's late leader after he abandoned weapons of mass destruction--the importance of preserving credible WMD capabilities. (Cuba is believed to have built up a formidable arsenal of biological weapons--another story.)

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