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I want all of you who have a bit of extra time to go over to an excellent site called Zilla of the Resistance. This is a post I just had to get up before I crash for tonight, this morning, whatever the heck time it is. Some of you I am sure, already know about this site and the health battle this blogger is dealing with. I have been following this story for quite some time.

Please read what this fine blogger is living with and through right now. If you can help out in any way financially that would be great. if you can't then leave a comment and your prayers. I have deferred one bit of assistance from one site to Zilla. I have known a couple of folks who came down with Lyme's disease and it took them forever to get over it and all three of them will have permanent stuff to deal with. They caught it early and still had a battle.

I have had no time this weekend (surprise, and does that ever not work for me) for blogging but am off till Tuesday and have three or more to get posted up. There is a link on the left hand side bar to help get the word out.  

Also be aware that those who hate Zilla have attacked her personally. They are stealing, using stuff from this individual's site to lie about and say some very hateful things which ARE NOT TRUE. These are typical lies of the liberals, far left retards and those who are blind to the dangers we face from islam and sharia law.

Please help out to the best of your abilities.


What Fresh Hell Is This? UPDATED
April 12
By Zilla

This is a medical update post. As most of you know by now, I am very ill with advanced late stage Lyme Disease and I am also positive for Ehrlichiois, which is another tick borne infection, I may have others but the tests are notorious for false negatives so right now I am being treated for what I’ve tested positive for and then they will treat me based on clinical evidence for whatever else my still existing symptoms imply that I may also have.

I was hoping I’d be improving by now, but I seem to get sicker by the day, with each day bringing some new variant of feeling horrible such as nausea, vomiting, gagging, dry heaves, dizziness, fainting, bone pain, random uncontrollable limb twitching, weird muscle spasms, vision problems, miserable skin irritation, and always being just so damned tired, along with the neurological and cognitive issues I have been experiencing on & off, which is known in the Lyme community as “brain fog” and now I have a new scary thing to deal with and I am hoping someone reading this may have an idea of what the hell it is.

For the past few days, any time I ate or drank anything that was a little bit tart or tangy, I would get a painful muscle spasm starting on the right side under my tongue where saliva comes out, the spasm would spread under my chin and down the right side of my neck and also upwards along my jaw to my ear. It would be tender to touch but I could massage it and it would get better after 20 minute or so, but these attacks now happen no matter what I eat and the one I had last night STILL has not eased up. The pain has spread from the above mentioned areas to the point where it wraps around to the back of my head on the right side, where there is a lump, and my neck in the front is swollen on that side with a soft puffy area on my throat below the swollen neck gland that is about halfway down my neck and almost to where it attaches to my torso. It is painful and it is scary! I don’t know what the hell it is and I am almost afraid to find out. Even my right shoulder is now effected by it. I do not know if it is related to the tick borne disease that I have, my dental problems, or if it is something else. I do not have money to see a doctor today to get it checked out, although that is what my Lyme Specialist suggested when I called his office for this morning for advice.

Tomorrow I have regular scheduled appointment with my Lyme disease doctor, his office is 50 miles away and I have to pay for the visit when I get there. This will clean me out and I do not even know if I have enough gas in my car to make the round trip.

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Zilla said...

Thank you so much! God bless you.

PatriotUSA said...

The least I can do, Zilla, the very least.

Now just do your best to get better!