What was the point?

Ryan Crocker, the American ambassador to Kabul, has said that there are Taliban fighters in-country and that he expects more to return there. Noting that the Talibanis have "patience" i.e. an undying hatred that burns within them that will never be extinguished by anything other than a bullet or high explosives, Crocker believes that after ten years, so many lives lost, and billions of taxpayers' money thrown into the black hole that is Afghanistan, all we've done at the end of the day is knock off some of the slow, lazy jihadis, leaving the hard core, deadliest characters to return and do the whole shariah thing, just as soon as our back's turned.

Maybe if the politicians had clearly defined the mission our troops were engaged in, and as they did so remembered what we actually send troops to war for - to defeat an enemy by killing them all, or at many of them as humanly possible. Maybe if they hadn't tied one hand behind their back with RoE that stopped them from operating like the finely tuned killing machines they are. Maybe if they hadn't bothered about protecting mosques when there are terrorists hiding inside them, & given our troops direct instructions to flatten each and every one they came upon, as and when required. Maybe if our politicians had a clue what war is, and actually had a pair. Maybe things would be different.

If our armed forces had been told to set about that hell-hole with no restrictions whatsoever, and the clear directive to bring that country to its knees right quick, to make Afghanistan just like Germany was in 1945, so that the country could never rise again under the same ideology - so that everyone in Afghanistan and around the world would understand that shariah law was a failed ideology that would only bring death and destruction to those who believe it, practice it, and especially to those who want to run a country under its dictates - does anyone really believe our armed forces couldn't have achieved that in under a fortnight?

Instead, after being over there longer than it took to fight WWII from beginning to end, Mr. Crocker tells us that more terrorist attacks are likely. The Olympics appear to be a prime target, but the security there will be huge, and any sneaky jihadi wanting to kill filthy infidels could just as easily choose to attack a soft target elsewhere in Europe. Or America.

Source: Daily Telegraph (accessed 10:22 GMT 31/03/12)

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