Muslim Judicial Activism in the US – Sharia Law Just Around the Corner?

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By Ken Marreno, Liberty News:

Fox News and other news outlets are reporting on a stunning case out of Pennsylvania. Mark Martin, an American judge with several tours in the Middle East with the US military and a convert to Islam, dismissed charges against fellow Muslim Talaag Elbayomy for attacking a man taking part in a Halloween parade in 2011.

The victim, Ernest Perce V, of the Parading Atheists of Central Pennsylvania, chose a “Zombie Mohammed” costume to parade in during the October 11 event. Elbayomy was charged with running out into the street and assaulting Perce, trying to rip a sign from his neck reading “Muhammed of Islam” and choking him in the process.

No one was hurt and there is admittedly low quality video of the event. Each man called the police and, while the officer who filed the report did not witness the event, “Mechanicsburg Police Sgt. Brian Curtis, who took the complaint from Perce moments after the alleged attack” indicated that Elbayomy was at fault.

At trial, Judge Martin dismissed the charges against Elbayomy and criticized Perce in open court.
The Judge neglected to address the fact that the ignorance of the law does not justify an assault and that it was the responsibility of the defendant to familiarize himself with our laws. This is to say nothing of the judge counseling the defendant that it is also not acceptable for him to teach his children that it is acceptable to use violence in the defense of religious beliefs. Instead, the judge gives Mr. Perce a lesson in Sharia law and drones on about the Muslim faith, inform everyone in the court room how strongly he embraces Islam, that the first amendment does not allow anyone ” to piss off other people and other cultures” and he was also insulted by Mr. Perce’s portrayal of Mohammed and the sign he carried.
Conversation in the US as to how Islam interacts with American law and culture has yielded inconclusive results at best. Conversations like this one out of Pennsylvania will do much to make those conclusions more definitive.

We are going to have to decide, “What does it mean to be an American in 2012?” Perhaps the question is better framed as, “Are we still America or have we become someplace else?” Comments are open for you to leave your answers.

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