Israel's Submarines

Israel have now sealed a deal with Germany for what will be their sixth Dolphin class submarine. The INS Dolphin and INS Leviathan were commissioned in 1999, the INS Tekuma in 2000, and in 2006, Israel placed an order for two more submarines, with an option for a third. That option has now been taken up by the Israelis.

Each of Israel's  submarines are said to be able to launch up to 16 Harpoon missiles, although Dolphin class subs are also said to be able to carry "stretched" long-range Popeye missles, and there are rumours that the subs have "non-conventional" capabilities. Naturally enough, the Israeli Navy isn't saying just how big a bang one of their missiles would make, and no one knows for sure.

But if Iran were ever to think about initiating a missle war with Israel, the existence of these Israeli vessels, together with Israel's land-based missle defence systems, ought to give them pause. And if the Iranians ever decide they want to retaliate, should their nuclear program end up going the way of Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981, then the Israelis will have the capacity to respond with devastating power.

As someone said in the Israeli press the other day, Israel is no longer a herd being taken to the slaughter; they have progressed somewhat since German Nazis walked the earth. Israel has acquired a few weapons since then. Including a fleet of high-tech German-built submarines, which they can and will employ to defend themselves against the Nazis of our time, who want to act out their religiously-inspired fantasies and implement Adolf Hitler's final solution.

The world is a different place now though. Ahmadinejad and his gang of thugs will meet only problems should they ever try to go down that road. It is they who will become the victims of Germany's military know-how, which is now matched up with Israel's determination to survive as a people and as a nation. That is an irresistible force.

Ahmadinejad and his fellow twelvers are anything but immovable objects. Sending an SLCM in through Ahmadinejad's bathroom window and blowing him to bits while he's doing a no. 2 is perfectly feasible. It is entirely possible to blow him off the face of the earth.

We can hope that Israel never has to do it.

But it's good to know they can.

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Oh-oh! That could be significant.