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Writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva have advanced an incredible argument. They say that abortion is widely accepted, there is no moral difference between a foetus and a newborn baby, therefore what they want to call "after-birth abortion" (killing a newborn) should be permissible.

The world has sunk to new depths. Killing newborn babies should be "permissible"? Who are these people, and what is wrong with them?

Sources: Telegraph (accessed 00.06 GMT 02/03/12), JME (accessed 00.07 GMT 02/03/12)

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Findalis said...

In the case of these two let us make the age of being an thinking human at 50. Since they are under the age, we can kill them without a thought.

They disgust me.

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Nick said...

Isn't it clear enough though that one can use their own premises and reach an entirely different conclusion?

If there is no difference between a newborn baby and a foetus in a woman's womb ...

then since murdering a newborn baby is morally evil, so is abortion.

(And therefore, so are the authors of that JME article ..)

That follows, doesn't it?

Findalis said...

I agree with Nick 100% on this.

Nick said...

Some casual wear ..