Elke's warning

I watched this over at Monkey In The Middle and decided straight away to 'steal' this one for here.

I had an uncle who spent part of his life in East Germany and said it was a very sterile life laced with heavy doses of zero to little privacy, no private ownership of firearms, total brainwashing in the 'public' schools, the Stasi lurking behind every tree, around every corner,  you get the picture.

Four more years of obama and the damages to our country will be beyond our control.

From Monkey In The Middle, Thank you Findalis!!


Meet Elke

Elke was born under Hitler. Forced to live under Communism. In 1945 her family was split, her father found himself in West Germany, mother and child was trapped in East Germany. Listen how she relates what life was like under Communism.

No Private Ownership of land or businesses.
No Private Ownership of Guns. Her cousin went to prison for 5 years for owning a gun.
No criticism of the government, of communism.
Total indoctrination of children by the state.
No religious worship allowed.

She gives a chilling warning of what our lives will be like if Obama gets a second term and finishes the destruction of our economy.

Source from MIM is here.

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