Back from helping with family emergency.

Just a quick update that I had to be over in the valley to help my brother in law for the last four and a half days. He lives right on the Siuslaw River just outside of Mapleton. His property was badly damaged by the recent heavy precipitation, snows and subsequent flooding from the melt off in the Coast range. My brother in law lost quite a bit of his livestock, poultry and suffered some heavy damage to his home and outbuildings. Of course he has no insurance which I warned him to get when he bought the property a few years ago. I will just leave it at that! Not sure how I made it through these last four plus days but I am already paying a steep price and can barely walk due to pain. There is no computer or internet where I just returned from as my brother in law is a bit on the 'paranoid' side.

I will try to catch up later on today but I am sort of a wreck right now. I need to take my pain meds and go to sleep. My wife is threatening to drag my sorry ass to urgent care if I do not medicate myself and get a ton of sleep, so I have to sign off for now.

Thanks for understanding!

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