Voter fraud in America: PROJECT VERITAS

You may want to spell America like this, AMERIKA. When it is this easy, it is no wonder the democrats are totally against photo ID verification when it comes to voting.

You can criticize the folks who did this video all you want, you can pretend there is no 'voter fraud' here in our country but the disgusting truth remains that it does exist. Liberals are far more guilty of this than conservatives.

It should be required and mandatory to show a photo ID when REGISTERING to vote and also when one goes to vote. You have to show photo ID at the bank, at the doctor when picking up a prescription for narcotics, the list is long. What is the big deal about doing this for registering to vote and voting?

The potential for voter fraud is huge and just wait until November, 2012.


ProjectVeritas.com Investigation. Election officials advise no ID necessary to register Timothy Tebow and Thomas Brady to vote in Minnesota. Absentee ballots are discussed, voter registration forms are given out, and Election officials blow the whistle on potential fraud in their own state

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