Planned Parenthood is about much more than abortions........ Warning!

Warning!!!!! DO NOT let young children see or hear any of this video that is below. Graphic content about sex, genitalia, sexual orientation and more will be found in the video that you will find below.

The were many reasons why the founder of PP,  Margaret Sanger wanted the PP clinics in the worst and poorest neighborhoods she could find. The entrapment or enslavement of black women and other minority female populations was all part of the plan. Many conservative black politicians have accused PP of waging a social and sexual warfare on poor black women.

I would agree with that 100%.

Our good friends at Planned Parenthood are just not content to be the largest provider of abortions in the United States. PP starts by planting the sexual seeds in very young children tr4hough our public school system. The goal is devious yet simple; make sex,, masturbation and perverted relationships seem glorious and normal.

Stolen from The Last Refuge.


How Planned Parenthood Hooks Kids On Sex….
By sundancecracker

(Via Pat Dollard) On the heels of the fracas that resulted from the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling Planned Parenthood funding, and then reinstating it, comes a new report that might make the breast cancer research giant a little uncomfortable.

The American Life League has released a graphic new video report that it says shows how Planned Parenthood “exposes children to sexual material in order to seed a generation of sex addicts, who will become future customers for the abortion giant.”

“If you aren’t convinced by now that there are some truly sick pups behind Planned Parenthood, this video from the American Life League should erase any lingering doubts,” the Right Scoop says. “In the name of ‘education,’ Planned Parenthood exposes children as young as 10 years old to pornographic illustrations of masturbation, nudity, sexual activity, and much much more.

 “Any parent that sees the video of Planned Parenthood’s material for school children will be horrified,”  Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League, told Life Site News. “Planned Parenthood’s business model is aimed at making money from people who are engaged in sexual activity. Those are the women who will have abortions, which made up 51% of Planned Parenthood’s clinic revenue in 2010.”

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