Thievery is rife tonight here at PC, and that does stand for politically correct. I get close to the pukes just thinking of how politically correct is defined by today's moon bats and libtards.

On yeah! Right from Des Moines, Iowa comes the BACON QUEEN CONTEST. Yep, as a true bacon lover and I really do not think it is all that bad for you, I know there are a a lot of other bacon lovers out there. So hit the link under the picture and see some interesting corn feed Mid westerners. Plus in this contest you HAVE TO BE A LADY to enter. That would be a lawsuit here in Oregon. Discrimination of the sexes, you know how that one works.

We really need a bunch of bacon festivals here in Oregon, especially the West side of the state. You know that part of the state where tofu, vegans, and all those politically correct people live who drive the ToyotaPrius and are better than the rest of us. Thankfully, I live on the east side of the state which is actually pretty damn conservative except for Little Eugene, er, uh I mean Bend, Oregon. Too many tofu suckers and hipsters in Bend now and I hate the damn place.

From the comments: Findalis said Maybe a Bacon Festival in Dearborn, MI. Would be a big hit there. Indeed it would be Findalis, indeed it would be, heh!

From The Des Moines Register MetroMix


Oh yeah!! Bacon!!
Welcome to 2012 Bacon Queen contest!

The Feb. 18 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, as we all know, is sold out. But if you reeeeeaalllllyy want tickets to the event, we’ve got a few to give away as part of the Bacon Festival’s Bacon Queen pageant.

Upload a fun Bacon Queen-worthy photo, and answer the short questionnaire by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8. Then, beginning 8 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 9, we’ll let readers vote for the ladies they deem worthy of the title.

Last year's Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Bacon Queen
The 10 ladies (and yes, you must be a lady)  with the most reader votes will move on to the live Bacon Queen pageant, Feb. 16 at Johnny’s Hall of Fame. There, judges will crown one lucky gal the 2012 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Bacon Queen and receive a prize package that includes the following:

* A sash and tiara (And you get to keep it!)
* The opportunity to ride on the Bacon Festival float in Des Moines’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
* Two VIP tickets to the SOLD OUT Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival
* $100 Von Maur gift card
* $75 Johnny’s Hall of Fame gift card
* Four tickets to see Devon Allman’s Honeytribe at People’s following the festival

Four runners-up will each receive two VIP tickets to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. (And all of the 10 finalists moving on to the live pageant will receive some swag.)
Original article is here.

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Findalis said...

Maybe a Bacon Festival in Dearborn, MI. Would be a big hit there.

PatriotUSA said...

That is a good one. I will add that to the post, Thanks!