Iran: nothing else matters (but Adele is Very Upset)

The biggest issue in the world right now is Iran's nuclear program. Nothing else even comes close. You wouldn't think it to read the national press in the UK however. There's nary a mention of mad Ahmadinejad and his fellow twelvers getting their hands on nukes, so they can try to fulfil their wet dream fantasy of genociding the Israelis.

We are told today that Iran has refused nuclear inspectors access to a site at Parchin. The UN now regards their efforts to negotiate with Iran as a failure. It has been reported that in Israel, the "Iron Dome" defence system will be deployed in Tel Aviv within days. This anti-missile system was constructed by RAFAEL and came on-line in March 2011.

The Israelis have form when it comes to knocking out their enemies' WMD programs. In 1981 they bombed the nuclear facility at Osirak, inflicting a significant blow to the Iraqi nuclear program.

White House press secretary, Jay Carney, has reportedly said that America and Israel share the same
objective, and that is to prevent Iran from acquring nuclear WMD. He is also quoted as saying that he believes there is "time and space" for sanctions to "result in a change of Iranian behaviour".

But after all the money and effort the twelvers in Iran have put into making their wet dream become a reality, the possibility of someone else having to go without their cornflakes in the morning isn't going to make a blind bit of difference. The game is afoot, there's no question about that, and contrary to what William Hague tried to say the other day, this won't be a cold war. It'll be as hot as they come.

Still, it's good to see that the British press are informing the public about real problems in the world today. Apparently at some music awards last night, a singer couldn't finish her congratulation speech, and was really very upset.

The world's on fire, but the British press is doing their job ... don't worry about it ... go back to sleep ...

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