Hague states the obvious

William Hague is quoted in today's Telegraph as saying that, "Iran has been involved increasingly in illegal and potentially terrorist activity in other parts of the world. I think Iran has increased its willingness to contemplate utterly illegal activities in other parts of the world. This is part of the danger that Iran is presenting to the peace of the world."

Talk about stating the obvious. People like Caroline Glick have been writing about Iran and the way they get their proxies to do their dirty work for years. Now at this stage of the game, just before Iran goes nuclear, William Hague decides he'd better say something, just to show that he has got a bit of a clue about what's going on in the world.

What a waste of space - what have Hague and his cronies been doing about Iran all these years then? Nothing, that's what. Instead of standing there telling people what they already know, Hague ought to try explaining to British voters, who he's relying on to keep him in work, just why things have gotten this far. He won't touch that subject though.

Source: Telegraph (accessed 16:48 GMT, 19/02/12)

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