Graves of English and Allied WWII heroes smashed by Libyan Islamists

As muslim and islamic rage from the accidental burning of a few qur'ans in afghanistan spreads across the Middle East, the violence has taken a most nasty turn in Libya. In a Bengazi Military Cemetery, the graves of British and Allied servicemen were smashed and desecrated by libyan islamists. Not to mention the fact that the death toll from muslim rioting over this incident has now reached 24 people killed.

The apologies offered by the West, our military, by a weak and ineffective obama have served no purpose other than to fan the flames of muslim resentment, increasing the rioting and violence that has spread across the Middle East. When one apologizes like obama and the U.S. Military have done to muslims worldwide, it is interpreted as a major weakness by those who follow radical islam. This opens the door to a  more violent response. This is exactly what we have witnessed over the last few days since this incident was first reported. Was it worth it to apologize? Was it worth it to grovel at the feet of a cult of violence, persecution and death? What has the United States gained by apologizing? Not a damn thing in my most humble opinion.

Ragastan, afghanistan has proven itself unworthy and unreliable as a partner in the war against radical islamic/muslim terrorism. pakistan fits right in behind afghanistan, totally worthless and unreliable as a partner in this war.

We should immediately start to pull out of afghanistan. I mean down to the last advisor and aid worker. Every type of aid, (whether it be financial, military, medical, food etc.it does not matter) should be terminated. We could use about 25,000 of our troops to be stationed all along our border with Mexico. The money that we are WASTING on aid to the muslim world and many other countries, could be put to immediate use right here at home. Why bother helping any country that hates us and hates us for what we stand for? We have people going hungry right here at home.
How about Americans first for a change?

Do you think Christians, Jews, Hindus or the followers of other true religions would have reacted in this manner had a few Bibles or other holy books gotten accidentally burned? Would there have been protests so violent that it took the lives of 24 people? Once again, radical islam gives a violent and bloody performance on the global stage.


Insult to WWII heroes: Graves of British troops smashed and desecrated by Libyan Islamists in protest over U.S. soldiers' Koran burning

Daily Mail UK: A furious mob has desecrated dozens of Commonwealth War Graves in a Libyan cemetery amid continuing fury in the Middle East over the burning of the Koran by U.S. soldiers.

Headstones commemorating British and Allied servicemen, killed during World War II campaigns in the Western Desert, lay smashed and strewn across Benghazi Military Cemetery.

Protesters rampaged through site on Friday, despite efforts by America to calm tensions sparked when it emerged U.S. soldiers had burned Muslim holy books in a pile of rubbish at a military base in Afghanistan.

Desecrated: The headstones commemorating the deaths of allied servicemen, who fought in the Western Desert campaigns between 1942 to 1943, lay smashed on the ground

                         Sacrifice: Some 1,214 graves are marked in Benghazi War Cemetery

President Obama has apologized to President Karzai for the unintentional burning of the Korans at NATO's main Bagram air base after Afghan laborers found charred copies while collecting rubbish.

White House spokesman Jay Carney sought to counter criticism, telling reporters on board Air Force One: ‘It is wholly appropriate, given the sensitivities to this issue, the understandable sensitivities.’

But it appears to have had little affect on sentiment among many in the Middle East.

Twelve people died today during the bloodiest day yet of protests over the incident.

Immediately after news broke of the incident, more than 2,000 furious Afghans - some chanting ‘die, die foreigners’, other throwing rocks - gathered outside the giant US air base at Bagram, 40 miles north of the capital Kabul, as reports of the burning spread.

Military sources said that books were removed from the library of a nearby detention center because they contained extremist messages. Prisoners had been writing in the books as way of communicating.

Smashed: The mob rampaged through the grave yard after President Barack Obama apologized for U.S. soldiers burning the Koran

Shattered: A gravestone in Benghazi War Cemetery, Libya, bears the scars of the rampaged by Muslims furious over the burning of the Koran by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

The calm before battle: Field Marshal Bernard 'Monty' Montgomery, right, enjoys a brew with troops just 24 hours before the El Alamein during the Western Desert Campaign in north Africa in 1942

There were immediate fears the Taliban and other insurgent groups would try to exploit the claims, using it as a rallying call against US, British and fellow Coalition forces.

The protests come as the FBI announced it has removed hundreds of pages of training documents that painted inaccurate or stereotypical views of Islam.

The counter-terrorism training materials referred to the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, as a cult leader and included graphs that implied devout Muslims got more violent throughout history, while Jews and Christians became less violent.

                                        Burned: Protesters show copies of the burnt Korans

    Anger: Afghan youth throw stones toward at soldiers shouting 'Allahu akbar, Allahu   akbar'

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Hat tip: Nick McAvelly

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Findalis said...

No apology from Libya but we have to apologize to the Afghanis? How about we all Burn A Koran? It is very easy to do. Just go to Burn A Koran and push the button. A Koran will be burned. No mess, no ashes, no trouble.

Burn A Koran and You will feel wonderful afterwards.

PatriotUSA said...

Yep, saw this just today Findalis.

I have read some other info on this grave desecration and it was reportedly done by Al queda to help de-stabilize Libya even worse than it is currently.

To me, it does not really matter who did this as it happened in a nasty muslim country that will end up being run by the muslim brotherhood and extremist muslims who hate the west and anything that has to do with us here in the States.

Maybe obama aid his family members over in Kenya to take a holiday to Libya and do this, heh.