Dad arrested over daughter's gun drawing-Sun News

This is really a sad situation. This occurred in Canada and do not think for one minute that if obama gets a second term, this could very well become our reality here in the States.

Why? Because obama and his gun hating, America hating traitors are hell bent on doing everything they can to strip the 2cd amendment out of the Constitution. You want to see what happens when the right for citizens not own and keep legal weapons is stripped from a country? Look across the pond to England. That is all the proof you will need.

Sun News: Police arrested a Kitchener, Ont., father outside his daughter's school because the four-year-old drew a picture of him holding a gun.

Jessie Sansone told the Record newspaper that he was in shock when he was arrested Wednesday and taken to a police station for questioning over the drawing. He was also strip-searched.

"This is completely insane. My daughter drew a gun on a piece of paper at school," he said.

Officials told the newspaper the move was necessary to ensure there were no guns accessible by children in the family's home. They also said comments by Sansone's daughter, Neaveh, that the man holding the gun in the picture was her dad and "he uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters," was concerning.

Police also searched Sansone's home while he was in custody. His wife and three children were taken to the police station, and the children were interviewed by Family and Children's Services.

Sansone's wife, Stephanie Squires, told the newspaper no one told them why her husband had been arrested.

"He had absolutely no idea what this was even about. I just kept telling them, 'You're making a mistake.'"

Several hours later, Sansone was released without charges.

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Hereward said...

Good God almighty - strip-searched. Of the many recent examples of Sam Francis' anarcho-tyranny, this may be the most egregious.