War with Iran on the horizon

It's been noticable in these past few weeks that there has been very little mention of Iran in the national press (in the UK). Plenty about the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, or some footballers allegedly making racist remarks on the pitch. All very important, I'm sure. Meanwhile, the world edges closer to bad times, and now the press are beginning to wonder if maybe here's a story after all. I'm reminded of a passage in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. One of the characters is bankrupt, and when someone asks him how that happened, he says gradually, then suddenly.

I have a question for any journalist who is now writing about Iran. The question is also for the politicians who are suddenly starting to wonder if perhaps Ahmadinejad is up to no good. Here it is: What do you think Ahmadinejad has been doing these last few years then?

He's gradually been building up to this point. Now, suddenly, the same lily-livered politicians who've avoided dealing with Iran up till now are faced with the consequences of their inaction. Arab spring? We could have had a real Arab spring in Iran a few years back. Our politicians did nothing. Now here we are.

Links: Times of Malta (accessed 03:12 GMT 12/01/12)

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PatriotUSA said...

War is coming and we best be prepared. Iran=islam and is a snake with many heads.

We should have nuked Iran many years ago and do it with the Israelis.

This war will have many fronts and it will come from many directions.

Appeasement has never worked and never will.