Rebel to the bone....

This is a guest post by a friend who goes by Blockaderunner. You read between the lines on his name. If you have studied the Civil war then you know who the Blockade runner's were. Maybe that should be a post for another day. BR loves the South, the Confederacy and the Stars and Bars, otherwise know as the Rebel or Confederate Flag. He makes no bones about this and neither do I.

He has given me permission to publish his poems, songs and thoughts here at Patriot's Corner. There will be more coming from Blockaderunner.

I Love the South and Confederacy, period. If you do not like this then get your sorry ass way far back, north of the Mason-Dixon line where you libtarded carpetbaggers belong.


Rebel To the Bone
By Blockaderunner

I still fly a confederate battle flag I'm rebel to the bone I still see others fly it so I know I'm not alone. That Southern Cross is an American flag too just the same as your Old Glory history claims that were traitors that's how the winners tell the story it flys to send a message that rings clear as a bell i've had it with a government of thieves and whores they can all go straight to hell It stands for independence and a just and sacred cause called 'government by consent of the governed.' for constitution, faith and laws It's followers never lifted a rifle so rich men could own African slaves their young country was being invaded that's what took them to their graves It stands for southern heritage for sacrifice, blood and sweat when our kin stood up to tyranny and patriot shouldn't forget the minutemen were also called 'rebels' when they bravely made a stand against the armies of King George and that's what created this land. We don't hate yanks in general it was government out-of-control we were fightin It's time we push back again to fix the wrongs that sure need rightin We've got the finest military in the world and our freedom is again under attack let's have em drive the terrorists from Washington so we can have our country back. I'll keep flyin my flag of rebellion I'm neither racist nor a bigot but I'm proud of my Confederate roots KISS MY GRITS if you don't dig it!

Blockaderunner can be found here at Restore The Republic. You may have to sign up to get in. Sorry I cannot remember.

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MrG's said...

I went to the link to check him out and I was prompted to log in....is that normal?

PatriotUSA said...

I forgot about that one. I will change it and yes you have to be a member of RTR or Restore the Republic. I will have to change that and it will be up to you to join or not. Lots of Ron Paulies here but lots of good stuff as well.