Quick update and then some sleep. I hope....

Damn it to heck, seems like a break just cannot come our way.
I had a most pleasant New Year's eve. The wife's band had a gig and the restaurant where they played had their best day ever. They have been open for just a little over a year and the fact that they have survived and thrived in this poor economy says a lot. We got home about 12:45 A.M. and I get a call on our land line (yep, we still have one) and it is the hospital in Bend. Scott had just been admitted and was having a severe flare up in his ALS symptoms. BY the time I got to the hospital Scott had become paralyzed on his left side, his arm, leg etc. He had not had a stroke. They had already admitted him and started treatment.

He was totally overcome with fear and had totally lost it. I called his pastor and we spent the night with him. I have been home for a few hours getting caught up here at home. After talking with his neurologist and other doctors, this is not an unusual thing with ALS patients. When I left yesterday evening he was starting to regain some movement in his left arm and face. Later this week we are meeting with an attorney who is going to fast track his case for Social Security Disability.

I will be back later today with a few posts unless Scott takes a turn for the worse which I do not think will happen.

Thanks to Nick and HermitLion for the posts they got posted up!

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HermitLion said...

Happy new year, Patriot!

Let's hope it will have more good news than the last.

PatriotUSA said...
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