Multiculturalism and murder

The nonsensical assertion that each culture is as good as any other, and that anyone from Britain or the States has no business passing judgement on anyone else's culture, is exposed yet again as one the most appalling perversions humanity has ever inflicted upon itself.

In today's news: Two men have been arrested in India for cutting out a 7 year old girl's liver in a ritual sacrifice so that their crops would grow.

Of course, one would expect any multiculti to utter the expected platitudes about this horrific event. But they cannot issue a full-throated condemnation of this act, because they do not have the moral capacity to do so.

In order to pass judgement on acts which are endorsed within another culture, one must employ a moral "yardstick" which supercedes both that culture and your own. And multicultis deny that such a yardstick exists.

Or to look at the other side of that coin, to acknowledge that such a yardstick exists is to acknowledge that in principle, it is possible to judge other cultures. Not only is it possible, it is inevitable. It is, in fact, one's highest duty as a human being to do so. And multicultis will never acknowledge this.

So we're left with 7 year old children being murdered by ignorant farmers, and while any morally sane person living in the West will condemn this, we must at the same time admit that our politicians, the managed media, and our so-called "intelligentsia" have spent years creating a new Western culture; one which at its core has no intellectual or moral basis that would allow anyone to genuinely, profoundly, pass judgement on the ritual sacrifice of a little girl.

We can condemn this act. And we can condemn the culture in which this act of infanticide is embedded, and which apparently gave it meaning. But we do this as individuals.

If the societies we live in today do not, and can not, provide people with a sound moral and intellectual framework with which to condemn an act of ritual infanticide, then our societies are no better than the one which gave meaning to the murder of that little girl.

Source: Times of Malta (accessed 07:34 GMT 04/01/12)

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Findalis said...

When these same assholes immigrate to England, they demand that they do this barbaric act there to.

Under multi-culturalism they not only get to perform this barbarity, but are supplied the child to do it to.

Nick said...

There certainly have been an appalling number of so-called "honour killings" in the West, where the victim's family "provides" her as a sacrifice in order to serve some morally perverted purpose, a cultural practice which has been brought into the host country in the West from outside its borders.

How many more lives will be lost?