Maybe Just Maybe

Maybe Just Maybe

By Jerry Golden

Maybe Just Maybe.

Maybe, just maybe, Netanyahu has woken up concerning the intentions of the Obama Administration with regard to the Iranian threat to have nuclear weapons "soon". It was first reported that Obama cancelled the war games with Israel. When I first heard that it was Netanyahu who decided to cancel the joint military exercises with the US I found it hard to understand. In fact it made no sense at all. After all it is believed by most that Israel needs the US support if it is to take out the Iranian nuclear program.

There was something very wrong with this picture. To begin with it became very clear, or should I say even clearer than before, that what Obama says and what he is actually doing are two completely different things. He knows of the popularity and support for Israel in the Congress and with the majority of the American people. So if he is to destroy [or be instrumental in that destruction] Israel he has to be very clever. Even deceiving his generals - who for the most part hate his guts. Those reading this will have no problem with my saying that he is the biggest liar and deceiver who has ever appeared on the American political scene, possibly in the entire world. His ability to deceive everyone has become well known. So I ask; is it possible that Netanyahu has in fact woken up and realized that to play any games with Obama is the same as playing games with the Devil himself? Or is it far more complicated than that?

Obama knows how very close Iran is to putting the final touches to their nuclear program, and that once they actually have the bomb it becomes almost impossible to attack Iran, much like it is with North Korea. So the game is to buy time, and in this case not a lot of time is needed. So Iran can handle some sanctions for a while longer. This is why Obama has refused to implement the full sanctions on Iran. Buying them the little more time they need to complete the bomb. This could be true, but a far more likely possibility is that Obama is buying time for his own political reasons, knowing the election is coming? It looks more and more like he cannot win re-election, but who would try to remove a sitting President in a time of war? So it is necessary to hold off the attack on Iran for his political reasons knowing that the timing isn't right for him at this time. And as for Israel, he knows this time around she does not want to sit still and allow missiles to fall as they did in 91 when 39 missiles fell on the city of Tel-Aviv. Because Israel also knows Hezbollah in Lebanon has put into place 50,000+ missiles capable of hitting every city in Israel, and Hamas in Gaza has been completely re-armed and is ready for war. Syria has its back to the wall and it may be that the only way out for her is to attack Israel with their missiles and chemical weapons. Now we have Egypt controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood who created Hamas for the sole purpose of destroying Israel.

But why would Netanyahu cancel the joint military exercises with the US? He must have discovered something that has proved to be a very serious threat to the existence of Israel in the coming days. Maybe, just maybe, he has taken another look at the advanced radar system the US has placed in Israel with the stipulation that it must only be operated by US personal (military) and that Israelis cannot be in control of that radar system at any time? The "Great Deceiver" (Obama) said that the radar system was there to protect Israel against incoming missiles. That certainly sounded like something that all Israelis would appreciate very much. But suddenly - maybe, just maybe, Netanyahu looked at the other side of that coin. With that US advanced Radar System in place in Israel, under the control of the US, it has now become impossible for Israel to launch an attack on Iran or anyone else without the co-operation of the US military who control that radar system. The question has also come up about the sharing of information collected by that radar system. If Israel is not in control of that intelligence it could prove to be fatal to Israeli security.

And what about the thousands of US troops now in Israel? Why are they here? Why have they not departed now that the war games have been called off? Surely there isn't enough of them to handle the IDF? And then there is the build up of US naval ships both in the Mediterranean (6th Fleet) and in the Persian Gulf the 5th Fleet. Why hasn't the US Navy called the bluff of the small and inferior Iran Navy in their threat to close the Strait of Hormuz?

That brings in many other possibilities. Some of them pointing to the possibility that Netanyahu is working in co-operation with Obama and this fatal game has become far more complicated than could be explained in any report such as this.

Two things are certain. One, we will not have to wait long to find out, and two, I know Israel will be here when the smoke settles and we will be bringing Jews home to Israel, with God's help. There may well be other realities we won't like - but the final result is that Yeshua plants His feet on the Mount of Olives. Then every Jew will know His Name is Yeshua (Jesus) the Holy One of Israel.

We still have some time to prepare. How much is anyone's guess. But I know this is the day that the Lord has made and as long as we have breath we must follow God's Word and Leading with the direction of the Ruach HaKodesh. God has called this ministry for a purpose and right now it is to see who will answer to the call from God to be obedient.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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Findalis said...

Why would Bibi cancel the joint exercise? Would you like to have 15,000 to 30,000 US troops deployed to your land?

Bibi will act soon, he has to. Obama wants him to wait until October so he will have his October surprise.

I think Bibi will get even with Obama for all the hurts to him by attacking Iran late Spring/early Summer. Forcing Obama to either use the UN veto or lose the election.