Let them eat kale

              Wonder if this will be considered racist too?…. I know, I know, stupid question.

The queen of the food gestapo, moochelle obama would force her evil food ways upon if she gets the chance. She already is brainwashing our kids into thinking what is good and bad food. Yet she eats steaks and spinach all the time and lavishes all sorts of junk food upon her kids.

'Stolen' from the Last Refuge.

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Nick said...

Oh aye you big racist, putting up Albert King videos on your website and everything ...

PatriotUSA said...
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PatriotUSA said...

Yeah, I know I am, Nick.

Now, you call me A big racist AND I AM REALLY HURT. I need a cigar and whiskey I am so hurt.

Like no one has called me that before. :)

I will have to see if I can dig up a special post for you from archives.

I am so racist look at all the racist Videos I have posted beside Albert King!

I am also a white, gun owning, middle aged male terrorist according to the mussie potus and his truly racist attorney general.