Has Agenda 21 arrived in Loudon County, Virginia?

Has Agenda 21 already been established and what does it look like? If you are not concerned about the united nations plan to implement Agenda 21, you should be.
obama has made it clear he supports Agenda 21 and his Ambassador to united nations, susan rice is clearly behind this as well.

agenda 21 is all about global government control. The rights of the individual will be sacrificed for the good of the state. The people will have little tono say in what goes on in their zones.

"Simply put, we will live in the United Nations idea of what Utopia should look like. There are no soverign nations. The world is controled by a system of global governance based on cummanitarianism.

All humans are packed into modernized habitation zones. Unrestricted travel between the zones is not permitted. Individual human rights become secondary to the needs of the state. Personal property is outlawed. The importance of the family unit is diminished and children are educated solely to join the work force. Essentially, people become slaves to the state.

The armies of the world are absorbed into the United Nations. Individuals are not allowed to have firearms. Those wishing to voice their decent will be met with strict discipline. The chance of returning to the way we once were is completely destroyed."

According to the Washington Post, “although it’s become almost mainstream to be ‘green,’ residents of EcoVillage, founded in 1996, are on the cutting edge of the movement.”

So, are you interested in a sneak preview of what this nasty bit business might look like at first before all wealth, individual thoughts and freedoms are stripped away.

If this is what we are headed for then you all had better plan on resisting this. It is nothing more than a sham to control you, me and to take away all that we value and have worked so hard to obtain and keep. The only ones who will benefit from this perverted and communist idea will be the people who implement the plan of agenda 21.

Welcome to Loudon County, Virginia........Will tree hugging be a mandatory law for all forested zones?


Making Eco-village in Green Mansions
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Loudon County, Virginia, is one of the richest counties in the nation. They are now at the forefront of implementing the environmentalist green agenda of living in an eco-village. The residents are “a typical middle class mix of mostly white-collar workers.” (Washington Post, December 31, 2011)

If we consider this group typical middle-class, we should consider the price of homes in this utopian “paradise.” The last home bought in this Shangri-La in September 2011, a foreclosed home, cost $359,000. Some sell between $895,000 and $1.7 million.

The roads are unpaved, the terrain is rough, and the non-existent lawns are typical of wilderness grasses. The inhabitants like to keep them this way in order to reduce their Al Gore-determined carbon footprint. The gravel roads and the untended surroundings are definitely intentional.

“The development attracts a self-selecting group of people who, to varying degrees, are in search of a more sustainable and locally-centered lifestyle.” This may sound admirable to some people, but it regurgitates the buzzwords and goals listed in the UN Agenda 21 for all nations who signed the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Treaty. I am not sure about you, but I like my roads paved.

Gravel is intended to reduce harmful runoff into the Potomac and to slow down auto traffic. Parking is delineated to lots around the commune, not in front of people’s homes.

According to the Washington Post, “although it’s become almost mainstream to be ‘green,’ residents of EcoVillage, founded in 1996, are on the cutting edge of the movement.” 

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