Evil is real

A record number of people visited Auschwitz in 2011. Auschwitz has become synonymous with the Nazi genocidal effort during WWII. If anyone visits the UK, then I can also recommend that they visit the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London. Believe me, once you are faced with the reality of the evil forces that drove the Nazis as they attempted to genocide the Jewish people, once you realize that there is no rational and moral explanation for the Nazis behavior, and that evil is a real and living force, your entire worldview will change.

Sources: Times of Malta (accessed 09:48 GMT 09/01/12), Imperial War Museum London (accessed 09:49 GMT 09/01/12).

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PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for posting this Nick.

Yes, this will be just the same thing with islam. Our worldview has to change and yesterday is too late.

One of the saddest things about history is that it usually repeats itself.

Nick said...

I'm reading Caroline Glick's excellent book of essays right now. In one she talks about the "moral blindness" of European politicians.

Most appear to believe that the lesson to be taken from WWII is that "militarism and nationalism are bad". As Glick puts it, "This view informed postwar Europe's idealogical embrace of pacifism and transnationalism."

Nick said...

But as she correctly points out, militarism and nationalism didn't cause WWII. "The true cause of that war was Germany's decision to embrace evil and depravity as its guiding philosophy and the willingness of the nations of Europe that collaborated with German authorities to also embrace this evil.

[...] the true lesson is that nations should embrace morality that sanctifies life and freedom and that holds men and women accountable for their choices.

Europe's refusal to reckon with this central truth is what brings leaders like Sarkozy to ignore the real reason why Iran must not acquire nuclear weapons."

(Caroline Glick, The Ghosts of Wars Lost, available in her book, Shackled Warrior; also in her archives at carolineglick.com, August 31st, August 2007.)