All the racist white people who hate the idea of black people in their "Whitehouse" are leeching right here

I have been gone much of this past weekend helping Scott as his recovery from his last 'episode' has been very slow. He has regained almost all the use of his left side and we split some firewood today at his place.

I am working on getting a great post from Zenster together. I wanted to have it up yesterday but life intervened. Plus I am still in 'Dental Hell' and will be until I get this second root canal. Oh well, at least pain lets us know we are still alive, right?

On to this post......All of us Whiteys that hang out here are racists! We are 'leeching' right here.

This is a comment that showed up after I posted this one about moochelle being an angry Black woman: Obama bitches and snivels about taking pictures with our troops.

It is from some loser who is an obvious troll. I have posted a reply from a faithful follower and fellow Blogger, Findalis who does Monkey In The Middle. Great site and please be sure to check it out if have not done so already. This individual also posted the SAME COMMENT word for word over on Maggie's Notebook using a different name. I have responded to this person's accusations just for fun. Most of you know how I feel about obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus. It has NOTHING to do with skin color. Some folks like soulstraw3 are too dumb to look things up in the archives here or do their own research to see if something is true or not.

By the way soulstraw3, I have quite a few friends, acquaintances  who are White, Mexican, Black, Chinese, from the Orient etc All of the Blacks, Mexicans voted for the muslim in the White House back in 2008. NONE, I repeat NONE of them will ever vote for obama or any democrat again. Not in 2012 or beyond. Those who were registered democrats have left the party and are now registered Republicans or Independents. They hate him and those who do not hate him think he is the worst potus ever and he is nothing more than a Black jimmy 'the dhimmi' carter.

Please, feel free to leave YOUR comment about soulstraw3's accusations. Above all, have some fun at this idiot's expense. And soulstraw3, I hope you will return.


All the racist white people who hate the idea of black people in their "Whitehouse" are leeching right here.

Reader comment from soulstraw3 in regard to this post: Obama bitches and snivels about taking pictures with our troops.

"All the racist white people who hate the idea of black people in their "Whitehouse" are leeching right here. Racists one and all! You haters will seize on anything minor to rip on a Black Man, he was obviously tired from trying to whack his balls out of the giant sand trap the official told him he? was in, then he got a little pissy when he was told he was actually in Iraq, what’s the big deal?

He hates soldiers so thats why he ended the illegal war in Iraq and welcomed them home. He hates soldiers so he increased VA services to include TBI and Stress Disorders. He pushed for a jobs program and the First and Second Ladies have worked to help wounded Vets. Oh by the way he’s eventually bringing the troops home from Afghan. But hell hes a Commie a Socialist wasn’t even born in the USA Right?"


OK SS3 Here is my response, you lazy poser and parasite.

1) My extreme dislike of obama, the first muslim, illegal alien potus has NOTHING to do with his skin color. I could care less if the current POTUS is white, black, yellow, brown whatever. It has to do with what obama did before he sadly and unfortunately became potus and what he has done SINCE he became potus. Very, very little of it is good unless you love george soros, michael moore, saul alinsky, david ayers, like obama does. He is no better than any of the afore mentioned asswipes. Got that one? Good!

2) obama, the baby killing bastard DOES hate the military and the United States. He hates the fact that America is exceptional and is the best country in the world. The mullah in White House cannot stand American exceptionalism and has done all he can to apologize for our greatness and success. No country is perfect and the United States has had it's share of mistakes and blunders. I will not waste my time on you as you know this to be true.  The United States is Exceptional and Great, for now.

3) President Bush is the one who started the process of getting us out of iraq, you moron. Of course obama, the lazy ass socialist pig that he is, will try to take all the credit anyway. By the way, that country is tipping into civil war and is will fail, now that we have left but what is a few thousand more innocent iraqi Christians killed to you? And afghanistan? We should have pulled out years ago and let those still stuck in the 7th century stone age muslims kill each other off. Let pakistan, afghanistan waste each other. India will have a lot to say about this before all over and done with. We could have and should have put about 25,000 of our troops on our southern border to keep illegals out. I mean keep them out with real RULES OF ENGAGEMENT while we build a real wall to keep out as many illegal as possible.

4) What jobs program has obama done that has done anything to put people back to work other than those in the evil unions like the SEIU. Unemployment rate in our three country area is still almost 14%! What jobs programs, like Solyndra and other wasted green energy programs. The stimulus program was an abject failure and you know it, SS3. I know as I work with people every week who have lost everything in this economy, I see the damaged people up close and personal, every week. Our economy is a wreck and libtards like obama, frank, dodd, pelosi, reid have done nothing but tried to steal other people's money to line their pockets while those in dire straights continue to suffer. Our economy is problem of present and past administrations, Republican and democrat. obama has refused to allow us to use all of our own resources to put people back to work using coal, nuclear, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric until altrenative energy sources can REALLY work. He refused to allow the Keystone Pipeline project and how many thousands of jobs did that kill?

5) He is a muslim by birth, a socialist and he has yet to produce a REAL birth certificate that was not doctored up or photo shopped. Why are ALL his education and other records sealed? He refuses to follow our Constitution and deserves to be impeached, period. Color of skin does not matter!

Now here is what Findalis had to say to SS3 I mean Questionman, over on Maggie's Notebook:

"We must not criticize, must not comment on the First Black President. He can do no wrong, he is perfect, the Messiah. So says Questionman! All Hail The Messiah! You are racists if you do!

In fact Questionman, it is racist to vote for a person because he is black (As 90% of the Black community did for Obama). So be careful whom you call a racist.

As for his care of Veterans. No Veteran has gotten a raise in their disability pay since George W. Bush gave them the last one. Try living on disability under Obama. They starve since they are considered earning too much money for food stamps (Unlike the illegal aliens who get every government stipend there is.), Section 8 housing, or any other government stipend. Have you ever used the VA hospital? I do. We receive second rate medical care given to us by nurses who are not trained in nursing and doctors who come from the third world (specifically every Muslim nation) and do not have the training nor license to practice medicine in the US.

The minute we left Iraq, they started to kill each other. The US military was the only civilize presents in the country. Obama was told this would happen, but did it right away. After all, the first people being killed are the Christian community. (Iraq got rid of their Jews years ago.)

As for the First Lady’s efforts. She shows her disdain for this nation and those who have served it every time she is around us. And we veterans can’t stand to have her near us.

We are led by a man who has no love for this country, no understanding of the Constitution (A document he is intent on destroying), was raised by a Socialist whore and is a firm anti-Semite who admires Hitler and will finish the job this idol started.

Wake up and see the destruction of your freedoms under the Great BLACK Hope before you lose them all!"


Thank you Findalis. You are a true Patriot and dearly love our country.

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Nick said...

Two words to anyone trying to make this argument in defence of Obama:

Jeremiah Wright.