The truth about women under islam: violence, persecution, rape and death

One of the most common misconceptions about islam is how this cradle to grave political ideology honors and uplifts women and girls. This lie is pushed over and over by islamic apologists like john esposito, the lame stream media, the obama administration, most pro-muslim/islamic organizations,
many churches that are sharing the misguided, perverse message of 'Chrislam', and many more.

In islam, there is NO equality for women and young girls!

Young girls are often brutally mutilated through the horrific act of Female Genital mutilation(FGM). Even though this barbaric custom has been outlawed in the majority of muslim countries, it is still a very widespread problem. This terrible act has been 'imported' with muslim immigration and no country is immune or has escaped this crime.

In pakistan, afghanistan, somalia, yemen, egypt, turkey, England, Germany, Norway, here in the States, crimes committed by muslim men against women are a nasty business. The more entrenched islam is inside a country, the worse it will be for young girls and women. These crimes are often whitewashed of any link(s) to islam or muslim or there is never any mentioning of the perpetrator being a muslim. We do not want to offend those who follow the 'peaceful' ideology of islam now, do we?

In the following post you will find just a few of the crimes that have been committed against women by muslim men.

There is NO equality within islam. It is especially bad for women, minorities, those who follow one of the true religions(which islam is not)and non-muslims or kafirs. islam is extremely intolerant of homosexuality and it is common to read about crimes against homosexuals in many muslim countries.

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The truth about women under islam: violence, persecution and death

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For more reading and information please go to this site: 
Islamic Research Foundation International: Torture of women in Islam

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Isn't the Religion of Peace just wonderful!