Steve The Balladeer celebrates Chanukah & Christmas!

I met Steve through Twitter and like his music and thought I would share it here.

Yes, it is after Christmas and today is the last day of Chanukah but I am not a stickler for date accuracy when it comes to supporting 'local' musicians. I was sent this late yesterday.

My wife is in a blues/jazz trio and has been a musician most of her life. I know and lived through (with my wife) the struggles of being a 'local' musician, trying to get your music heard and your talent(s) known. My wife plays many, many different instruments and has a killer voice. OK, so I might be a bit prejudiced but I am brutally honest. If she or anyone in her band sucked, I would be the first to let them know, and I do so when they or she falls short. I am the lone, forgotten and abused roadie, part time sound man for her group. Her band has struggled here locally in central Oregon to gain the hard earned reputation they have. Local music scenes can be quite ruthless and cutthroat, with some bands or individuals stooping to hellish measure to get a gig or 'promote themselves. It is all about playing for the love of what she and her band do, most certainly not for the money.

This is why I have posted up Steve's latest here. He is pretty good and the very least I can do is support him, and what he loves to do, play music.

I am sure to be in and out with posts this week as I must proceed with the nasty bit of dental work on Wednesday and am hoping there are no complications.

Thanks again to all who pitched in while I was out of sorts this past weekend.


Steve The Balladeer celebrates Chanukah & Christmas!

Steve and many others really liked this song which is done quite beautifully by Mary Sarah. Thought I would include her for everyone to enjoy!

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